Gone are the days when the user would search for your brand and the search engine would show your website. Today when the user searches for your brand they don’t just see your one brand website and whatever else Google has decided is a good fit for that, but they find multiple sites that you have and you control the experience for.

Social Search Optimization ensures that you control the experience or the way the user interacts with your brand. Let’s say today if the user types “MTV India” and here is what he sees:


The first three results displayed also include branding, Facebook and Wikipedia profiles. Here you can control the user experience by optimization, social profiles across different networks. One of the advantages of social search optimization is the more the number of listings, more the amount of organic traffic that you would have on your site.

How to go about Social Search Optimization:

– Understand the user what is the information he is seeking and research to identify the gaps.
– Use site data to understand what is the user currently doing on your website.  Look for opportunities to use social media to channelize traffic to those sections.
– Use social data to cross check your research because sometimes the research data  might   be incorrect.

Social Search Optimization is not just about increasing the organic traffic onto your website, but also about identifying brand influencers and using social influence marketing to enhance their experience with the brand. For example Hippo (Parle) is using twitter to solve distribution issues and ICICI Bank is using twitter to solve customer service related issues.

Social Search Optimization is really about using that social influence marketing idea and spreading it out they’re using different networks which in turn drive organic traffic, the share of pages and sets your brand apart.

Joshua Palau, Razorfish Inc on Social Search Optimization


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