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Marketing Talk

A series of marketing interviews with notable CMO’s and advertising professionals from around the world. Get a rich perspective on how the marketing landscape is changing and how you can prepare for the future.

Marketing Interviews

Adding Technology to Content Marketing

By Rajan Srinivasan

Learn how Scatter is helping marketers redefine storytelling with its cutting-edge technology and strategy in India.

Marketing Interviews

The Journey of LexiConn

By Khamir Purohit

LexiConn started when the term ‘content marketing’ itself was in infancy but today the brand offers full suite of services.

Marketing Interviews

Marketing for Businesses of All Sizes

By Vinod Harith

CMO Axis was among the first marketing agencies to launch the marketing outsourcing model in India.

Marketing Interviews

Audience Intelligence, and Influencer Marketing

By Rand Fishkin

Learn how Rand Fishkin is building his new startup, and his perspective on audience intelligence & more.

Larry Kim MobileMonkey

Marketing Interviews

Reimagining Chatbots & instant messaging

By Larry Kim

Know how Mobile Monkey is chatbots to help businesses to connect with customers in real-time.

Marketing Interviews

Discover the Science of Content with Quantent

By Ashok Hegde

Quantent is blending science with content marketing with keyword research & other best practices.

Marketing Interviews

Music, MOGOs and Creativity

By Rajeev Raja, BrandMusiq

Know how Rajeev and his team built Asia’s only Sonic Branding Agency that serves global clients.

Abhishek Rungta

Marketing Interviews

Delivering Digital Success for Clients

By Abhishek Rungta

INT. started in 1996 when the internet was still in its infancy in India and has grown to become a full-service firm.

Doug Kessler

Marketing Interviews

B2B Marketing and Galvanizing Stories

By Doug Kessler

Doug talks about his journey behind starting velocity partners, content marketing, and the importance of stories.

Marketing Interviews

Redefining User Lifecycle Journeys

By Keyur Dhami

Know how WebEngage is helping brands to craft contextual & personalized campaigns at scale.

Pepper Content

Marketing Interviews

Pepper's Journey to Redefine Content Marketing

By Rishabh Shekhar

Learn how Pepper Content is revolutionizing the content creation space in India and beyond.

Recop Interview

Marketing Interviews

Removing guesswork from GTM with Recotap

By Arun Gopalaswami

Learn how Recotap is helping businesses to execute highly targeted account-based marketing at scale.


Marketing Interviews

Marketing Automation

By Radhika Mohan Singh Roy

Engagebay is making marketing automation a reality for several small businesses and mid-sized businesses worldwide.

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