Content Marketing 101

We live in a world where it’s becoming difficult to differentiate noise from information. Brands are producing more content than they did before. Consumers have multiple devices and an endless number of channels to consume information. As marketers, our task is to make sure that content creates value both for the brand as well as the consumer. If marketing is a relay race consider content marketing to be the baton.
Content Marketing is a marketing approach to creating & distributing relevant content to a defined audience with the aim of deriving a desirable action. It focuses on building a relationship and loyalty by providing value to its readers.
Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left” – Seth Godin
Doesn’t sound interesting to you? Here is a brief overview of content marketing with unique perspectives from some of the leading brands in the world.

Content Marketing is often used by businesses for:

  • Building brand awareness to expand customer base and enter new markets.
  • Generate leads for business.
  • To engage and provide valuable information.
  • Generate sales via online or offline channels.

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