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Why do you need AdWords Managers Account?


Keeping track of multiple campaigns on Google AdWords is trying. Brands leave this task to a digital agency which then has to manage the account and also take care of billings. Delay in payments from either parties can result in suspension of the account. Google provides brands with the option of setting up AdWords Managers Account.

What happens without an AdWords Managers Account?

Clients with multiple campaigns usually outsource the task to an external agency. Chances are a few months later they run into below problems.

#1 Payment Credit Period: Agencies usually offer a credit period of 30 days while brands follow a credit period of 60-90 days. Unless you have a deal worked out with the finance team of your company. Delay in payments could result in suspension of the account. Suspension of the account could also be a result of non-payment by another client.

#2 Non-Performance: Non-performance of the campaign could also result in client moving to a new agency. Since the campaign was set-up on the agencies account, you will lose out on the AdWords history which means that the new agency has to start from scratch. AdWords history provides lower bid costs and better positions on paid search results.

#3 Billing Transparency: Not having access to the account also allows the agencies to overcharge by inflating the CPC. Some agencies share a copy of the AdWords invoice to ensure higher transparency. If you are not smart enough to figure this out, chances are you are already paying a premium.

Enter Google AdWords Managers Account (formerly My Client Center or MCC)

Manage multiple accounts from a single location. Save time using cross-account campaign management, reporting, access controls, and billing.

Adwords Managers Account


Single – Interface to manage all your accounts

If you have multiple campaigns, live for different accounts. You can segregate accounts using labels and set up alerts and notifications for respective accounts.

Access Controls

For brands with multiple resources, you assign access controls for each account. You can choose from administrative, standard, and read-only access.

Consolidated Billing

Consolidated billing enables you to combine multiple invoices into one single invoice. You can choose monthly invoicing if your business meets the eligibility requirements. AdWords Managers Account usually provides a credit period of 45 – 60 days. If you have a corporate credit card or are ready to pay via net banking, you can also opt for these options.

How do you set up Google AdWords Managers Account?

You can apply for AdWords Managers Account online or contact your account manager. Do note that every company can only have one Managers accounts based on its unique TIN number.

Many brands have started using AdWords Managers Account after realizing its benefits. Few brands which are ruling it out because of the operational hurdles involved are yet to realize that the benefits outweigh the operational hurdles involved in managing the account.

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