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5 Reasons to Use PointDrive on LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Lastly July, LinkedIn announced that it had acquired PointDrive a sales tool which allows sales professionals to package, share and track customer content. Sales professionals using LinkedIn Sales Navigator earlier relied on third-party tools, designers and developers to craft content. Also, they never had a complete picture of whether the prospect viewed or interacted with the content shared.

With PointDrive now LinkedIn empowers Sales Navigator users to deliver differentiated buyer engagement. PointDrive enables Sales Navigator users to provide a personalized experience to their prospects. The user can customize the PointDrive presentation by adding relevant sales files including PowerPoint Deck, PDF, URL, Maps, and videos.


5 Reasons to Use Point Drive

Insights at every step of the way

You can view all viewer actions on your presentation in chronological order along with details like viewer name, viewer photo, presentation title, location details, browser and device used to access the presentation. Gather more granular insights by viewing the time spent by a user on individual assets embedded with the presentation.

Additionally, the user can also use the stats view to get an overview of the total presentations created and total views across all presentations.

PointDrive Insights

PointDrive Profile

Every user has the option of maintaining a separate profile on PointDrive. Changes made in the profile are not reflected in the LinkedIn user profile. The users can add their name, website, title, company, and phone number on the profile.PointDrive Profile

Pre-Sales to Post-Sales

Sales professionals can pre-wire their presentation to their next call or demo to make sure that the prospect is prepared for the materials to be covered. They can alternately also send the presentation after the meeting as a recap of the items included. They can also send contract documents and resources to prospects.

Additionally, after the closure of the deal, sales personals can use presentations to send webinar/meeting recaps, business review/renewal documents, and even industry reports.

One Click Share

Presentations generate a tiny URL that can be shared with your buyers and colleagues. Presentations can be shared using e-mails or InMails. If the intended recipient accesses your presentation, you will be able to view vital stats like the time they spent on the presentation.  If the intended recipient finds your presentation valuable, they might forward it to their supervisor in such case you can also view the profile & details of supervisor (non-intended recipient) from the stats page.

Set your criteria

You can define the rules for your presentation by using the settings tab. A user can enable or disable downloads and notifications. Each presentation can have an expiry date set along with password protection to view the presentation. Teams accessing and creating presentations can also have categories created based on industries, verticals, or client types.

PointDrive Presentation

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