Microsoft launched Windows 8 last year reportedly spending over $ 1.5 – $1.8 billion dollars on its marketing campaign. Microsoft partnered with Crispin Porter + Bogusky  an international advertising agency for the launch of Windows 8 in US and JWT handled the creative work in China and Latin America. The brand launched around 4 commercials across 42 countries making it the biggest launch for a product last year. Music was the core theme of the campaign as the brand wanted to connect with youth and drive user adoption.
While most of us are yet to switch to Windows 8 from Windows 7 as it involves a learning curve.  The brand tried doing demonstrations in places ranging from shopping malls to showrooms even partnering with Aamir Khan as Talaash’s release coincided with the launch of Windows 8. What really caught my eye while researching for the subject is the brand’s showroom activation executed in Portugal titled “A Small Demonstration.”
How could you convince the customers that learning Windows 8 was easy? Why not use an 11-year-old to demonstrate the product? Sounds to me like a big risk but the brand here has succeeded for 2 reasons: one adults pay attention to what children’s usually say and while adults have a habit of using sophisticated language or stretching their speech while presenting children’s try to keep it simple. The second reason is parents who are not tech-savvy usually like to learn from their children rather than asking a colleague or people in their same age group.           


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