Master Classes are usually boring, and you end up with the feeling that ‘oh, did I learn something new’ but with names like Jeff Bullas & Christoph Trappe you know that you are making a safe bet.

Blog Now, Live Forever (BNLF) has to be the largest gathering of bloggers in India this year. October 31st and November 1st saw bloggers from all over the country traveling to The Lalit, Mumbai for the event. The team at Indiblogger even arranged for the accommodation of bloggers at the hotel. I couldn’t make it to the first day of the event as I had to travel out of Mumbai for work. Master Class was scheduled for the 2nd day of the event.

Key learnings from the master class from Christoph Trappe & Jeff Bullas:

  • ‘Think on own’ is an exercise that every blogger needs to undergo to make sure what is it that you want to do? And you are passionate about it.
  • What makes a good story? Conflict, the authenticity of the fact that there could be different versions of the story, picking the right details to beat people’s attention not forgetting the end.
  • Measurement: how do you know your content is working? How would you measure success and there can be times when you can’t measure success.
  • Once you start you have to keep going blogging is a marathon and not a sprint.
  • Bloggers need to have focus and need to read more to craft better stories.
  • Write a mission statement to make sure that your blog stays true to its purpose.

Quotes from Master Class:

“Build your audience before you need them.” – Jeff Bullas on going pro.

“Blogging is a collection of your passionate interests.” – Jeff Bullas on blogging

“Best SEO in the world is original content (authentic story that people want to remember) – Christoph Trappe

“Every 8 seconds, you need to regain the users attention.” – Christoph Trappe

The above list is not exhaustive, but it has been over two weeks post the event, and if I can recollect the above, then it was worth being part of the event. Special thanks to Jeff Bullas & Christoph Trappe for being part of BNLF.

For photos from the event, please check BNLF Website.


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