Pied Piper of Hamelin has to be among the greatest stories every told. In the honor of the story Merriam-Webster dictionary lists the word ‘Pied Piper’ as a charismatic person who attracts followers or a musician who attracts mass.

In today’s buzzing town of Hamelin, residents spend more time on social media than on socializing with real people. Realizing the huge opportunity the mayor of the town decides to set-up a facebook page to capitalize the opportunity and to get everyone in the town to fan the page. Mayor feel’s that the fan page will also make him the ‘Pied Piper’ brand in the town and help him to build his image for the next elections. Mayor appoints a social media agency to manage the page and starts aggressively promoting the activities and initiatives rolled by him. After exchanging few bags of cash the agency manages to hit the magic number of 1 million fans, however, the engagement levels have hit all time low. Meanwhile, the Mayor asks the agency to send regular mailers to citizen database to onboard more users to the fan page.

Residents who initially applauded the initiative now feel cornered after realizing that it’s about the mayor and not about its residents. After viewing the first few mailers from the mayor most residents have blocked almost all possible e-mail ids from which the invitation was being sent to them.

Few unhappy citizen activists decide that it’s time they took the matter into their own hands and set up a facebook page for Hamelin. Hamelin page slowly without any marketing starts gaining traction among the citizens in the town and becomes the place to go for citizen grievances and ideas for building the town.

Mayor meanwhile has now set-up more accounts on possibly every other platform on social media to expand his presence handing out more bags of cash to the agency.

In months to follow every action of the mayor to suppress the citizen activists doesn’t yield any results and in return, the mayor gets trolled on every platform on social media by residents. As expected, the mayor loses the next election by a huge margin and social media agency gets sacked for his dismal performance in the election.

Mayor today has deleted most of his social media accounts after being trolled by citizens and lives with his wife and kids with his old Nokia 3110 classic phone bought from OLX.

We will the leave the viewers of the story to decide what the moral of the story would have been according to them.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real brands, profitable or bankrupt, is purely coincidental.


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