Content Distribution

Content Distribution involves using different channels to promote your content to the audience.

The channels can be categorized into following groups:

  • Owned: Distributing content using properties that you own like your website, your opt-in database etc.
  • Shared: Using third-party websites to distribute content. Shared channels including social, professional & messaging networks.
  • Earned: Publishing articles, speaking opportunities, events, and awards are covered under earned media.
  • Paid: Any channel that requires you to pay to reach the audience is covered under the paid channels.

Content Distribution

Why do you need a content distribution strategy?

Without a content distribution strategy, even the most innovative and groundbreaking content would never be discovered. For your content to be discovered you need to use a content distribution strategy that leverages both paid and unpaid distribution channels in conjunction.

What does a content distribution strategy look like?

Intel uses a mix of paid, owned & shared channels for its strategy for IQ.

Content Distribution Strategy

How do you start building your content distribution strategy?

In order to design an effective strategy you have to follow the below steps:

How is your audience currently consuming content?

As content marketers, you need to identify when, where and how does your audience consume content currently. For example, if you are targeting millennials you are more like to find them on social networks than on e-mails.

Why do you want people to read your content?

If you want people to read your content give them something that’s of value to them. If you have designed an audience persona then design your content based on users needs and aspirations.

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