Audience Persona

To be a good storyteller it’s important that you know your audience well. No matter what your goal is it’s important that you craft a persona of your audience. Use primary & secondary sources to gather information about your audience.
To design audience persona you would need to know the following:
  • Who is your audience,
  • How they buy,
  • Why they make buying decisions,
  • When they take the decision to buy,
  • Where they buy from,
  • What goals drive their behavior
When created audience persona will be a representation of your ideal customer. Map your audience personas to sales lifecycle to create targeted content.


You can use the following methods to design an audience persona:

  • Gather insights from existing customer database.
  • Conduct surveys to understand buying patterns and customer preferences.
  • Gather feedback from your sales team on the profile of existing customers.
  • Interview existing customers either in person or over the phone to understand what they like about your product /service.
Based on the research craft a primary persona which includes the following information:
  • Background,
  • Demographics,
  • Identifiers,
  • Goals,
  • Challenges and what can your brand to do to help the customer.
Audience Persona will enable customers to check your approach in their own terms. It will enable you to build a bond of trust that competitors can’t match.

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