Data Management Platform (DMP) is a web-based technology which allows publishers to get critical insights from their own 1st party data as well as from 3rd party data. DMP allows the publisher to analyse and mine data to serve to customise your communication based on audience profile.

Data Management Platform enables the marketers to speed up their cross-channel marketing effort with:

Data collection

Data Management Platform collects granular 1st party data that the publisher owns, 2nd party data that has been shared with them, and 3rd party audience data they buy.

Rich Segment Targeting

Customer segments are mapped to data available from different sources and can be used to target specific content based on each customer’s profile.

Cross-Channel Personalization

Data available enables marketers to serve the most relevant experience to each customer – including promotional offers, recommendations or entire navigational journeys – as they move across devices

Understanding Data Management Platform


Benefits of Data Management Platform

Optimise experience for new visitors

By leveraging all user data marketers can start optimizing the experience for every customer and prospect that visits their web and mobile sites, including those who are visiting the site for the first time.

Improve customer lifetime value and revenue

Combine browsing behavior and purchasing intent from the data management platform with real-time session data from their CRM marketing leads can effectively serve relevant experience to both new and returning visitors and transform them into loyal customers.

Drive consistent cross-channel experiences

Integrating marketing data and user profiles marketers can create consistent, cross-channel experiences that continuously serve the right promotional offers and navigational preferences across both web and mobile channels.

Seamless integration with Marketing Tools

Most Data Management Platform also gets integrated with your CRM and other marketing tools to deliver a seamless experience.

Major DMP (Data Management Platforms) in the Market

Vendors that currently provide DMP include Adobe, Krux, Lotame, Neustar, Oracle BlueKai, CoreAudience, IgnitionOne, eXelate and Rocket fuel. Pricing model for Data Management Platform also varies by provider, but is usually includes a volume-tiered structure based on the number of unique users the DMP cookies in a given month, how many decisions the platform powers in a month (ads that rely on an audience segment, calls from a site personalization engine, etc), and there’s usually a minimum fee as well, and sometimes flat fees for additional services or features that don’t come out of the box.


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