From the rise of Snapchat to the launch of 360-degree videos on Facebook. 2016 has been an exciting year for marketers. The average viewing session time on YouTube increased to 40 minutes an increase of 50% over 2014 figures. Estimates suggest that videos will account for 69% of internet traffic by 2017. While we are excited about 2017 and what awaits us going forward, we decided to look back at the year that has gone by and some of the best content marketing campaigns of 2016.

Best Content Marketing Campaigns of 2016

BMW M2 – #EyesOnGigi 

Eyes on Gigi

BMW created an eco-system of content to create a ripple effect for the launch of M2. The brand started with a 15-second teaser on April 12 announcing that something amazing is on its way. The main creative released two days later asked the viewers to identify which car Gigi was seated in at the end of the video. Four days later the brand again launched the same creative but a longer version in 360-degree. BMW concluded the campaign on April 26 with a final video to showcase which car Gigi was seated in with visual clues.

The campaign gathered over 186 million views on different platforms with 162 million views coming from WeChat China. The 360-degree video developed for the campaign became the most viewed 360-degree video on YouTube for 2016. Additionally also captured global media attention with mentions and coverages in all leading publications.

Teaser – Eyes on Gigi

Reveal – Eyes On Gigi – BMW M2

Nissan – Intelligent Parking

Nissan combined its intelligent parking technology into office chairs to drive awareness for its technology. With a simple clap of the hands, anyone could get the chairs to return to their original position.

Nissan developed intelligent chairs and delivered them to selected 20 companies. The footage for the video was recorded at the selected businesses and edited for a web movie. The video received over 20+ MN views, 1000+ counts of media exposures and over 1 million shares & retweets across 60 countries.

NHS Blood & Transplant – #MissingType

NHS, Britain was seeking to recruit a new generation of donors in England & Wales. The brand was dire need of missing blood types A, B, and O. To draw attention to the issue NHS decided to visualize the problem making the letters disappear from the society.

Institutions, celebrities, and brands joined the movement by removing A, B & O from physical and online spaces, getting everyone to be involved in the cause and thereby triggering a unique social media movement.

#MissingType campaign reached over 2 billion people including a social media audience of 178 million. NHS signed up over 35,000 new donors across eight of the 21 blood service providers.

Comedy Central – The Daily Show

In 2016 Comedy Central launched The Daily Show with comedian Trevor Noah. Realizing that people would be Googling the new daily host Comedy Central launched a series of Google ads for Trevor Noah related terms. The ads were linked to unlisted YouTube videos like the one below. Comedy Central team targeted terms ‘Trevor Noah Age,’ ‘Trevor Noah Net Worth,’  ‘Trevor Noah Girlfriend’ and more.

Trevor Noah Networth

What’s your take on the best content marketing campaigns of 2016? Any really good campaigns that we missed out on? Do share your views and suggestions in the comments section below.


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