Ever discussed Facebook ROI with your colleague or friends? What is the first thing that clicks into your audience’s mind? Likes, Shares, Comments, Followers or Fans. But, when you discuss ROI with me, the case is a whole lot different! You often find them stuck or giving you a generic answer, consider Facebook Advertising.

More than 40% of digital agencies believe that social-media underperforms when compared to online marketing channels. The numbers just keep getting worse when we discuss ROIs. Almost 59% of the agencies declared that they didn’t observe any good ROI whereas, almost 47% declared that their digital agency had an ROI worth 100 Euros or less.

With such statistics, you may end up wondering why in the blue hell should I invest my time and money in Facebook advertising at all.

The Paradigm Shift in Facebook Advertising

There was a time when Facebook made to the top of the charts in stock markets and it really got the ball rolling for it. People, however, had their doubts and they were pretty obvious. But, in time, Facebook became successful in addressing those thoughts and provided a clear and concise answer for that.

Facebook Advertising Market share










In Social Media, Content is King. Unlike Google, Facebook does not put the most relevant content in front of you. Instead, it goes all the way to study what you want to see and displays it on your live feed. This is easily achieved by the amazing Facebook Algorithm which the organization has integrated on their respective platform.

By circumferencing your organic reach, Facebook successfully targets specified customers which are expected to help your organic reach grow dramatically.

Cracking the Myth of Facebook Advertising

What most digital agencies of today are failing to address is how effectively one can make use of the Facebook’s advertising platform. The extensive advertisement system which the platform offers is not only robust and user-friendly, but it also requires a pretty minimum budget so you can actually target the right customers for your product/service.

If only you know how to get your way around it, and that’s exactly what I am going to help you with.

1) Start with a Minimum Budget per Month

Starting with a low budget is common sense when it comes to Facebook advertising. You should not start with increasing your investment unless you are failing to observe a positive ROI from your ad. Always remember, you are not paying for the impressions because if you choose to pay for impressions, it’s like you are sending your money down the wastage drain. It’s because your ad will now be shown to a larger audience; yet, it will fail to get any relevant clicks from them. Always make sure that you choose the ‘Pay-per-Click option.’ Also, pay per impression can also result in popping your advertisement twice.

2) Simplicity is the Key to Effective Advertisement

The more your advertisement looks like a real Ad, lower are the chances for you to get a better click-through rate. It’s because the audiences on Facebook are now wary of looking at the traditionally designed Facebook adverts over and over again. They want something unique and interesting, something innovative and out of the box. In case, if you don’t have a robust social media marketing team to nail that! You can always go simple. Instead of using a carousel or a video can become a tiresome task and requires consumers to sit and watch your ad or skim through it for a while. Instead, if you can offer a single impactful message, you are at a win here. Don’t forget! Use your own images instead of stocks.

3) Carpet Bomb Your Advertising Prompts

The Carpet Bombing technique of Facebook advertising has gained considerable fame among local business vendors. The Carpet Bomb tactic implies that you create ads and target them by not specifying group types, but sending out content based on location. In carpet bombing, the more area you cover, the more ad bombs you can drop easily and then retarget your customers again. This strategy works best to get impressions so it is not always advised unless you are using a video advert to market your product. A video advert can give a brief overview of what kind of service you are offering. If your service is lucrative enough, the chances are high that your audience may convert and become a part of your venture.

4) Direct Marketing Is a Thing of the Past

Nailing down a sale through an advert using a direct marketing strategy is now a thing of the past. It’s not because the market has become competitive, it’s because people are now wary of watching direct marketing ads over and over again. People are now looking for something more unique, something different, and something that sets their brand apart. Instead of going to a direct marketing sales pitch offering discount offers or a coupon code to sign up, companies can always make use of other strategies. For example, they can host an event or a festival, maybe an exhibition that indirectly promotes their brand. Your brand presence in person is what makes your brand stand apart from the competition.

5) Focus on Strengthening Your Brand Identity

Delivering a strong message using your brand name is one way to create your brand identity. You can do that by making an ad video or banner with a perfect mix of content. It can include jingles, strong storyboard, interactive characters, appealing effects, catchy taglines and strong headlines. One way or another, make sure to try your best and establish a brand identity, the one your audiences may never forget. If your brand communicates its identity to wider audiences, the chances are high that you can earn enough courtesy to market them your product and convince them to purchase. An effective way to win buyer’s consent is to tell inspirational stories about real people.

6) Got a Popular Post? Time to give it a Boost

Facebook advertising requires your real money. Unless you don’t invest in your content, there is a hard chance, it’s ever going to go viral on Facebook. Often times, you may find yourself wondering whether your specific article is going to gain network traffic or not! You may find yourself confused wondering whether the content is of quality or not. In cases as such, it is best advised that you pick one of your post that has previously gone viral and boost it. Yes, there is no harm in sending out a previously published content, as long as it is bringing network traffic on your website, its good enough.

7) Target Audiences Based on Purchasing Behaviors

Event Based Targeting

With the uprise in Facebook Advertising, experts at Facebook has integrated a new functionality within its base algorithm termed as “Behaviors.” The behaviours option further enables you to target specific audiences during the process of buying based on their purchasing behaviours. Assume that you are interested in purchasing a treadmill, Facebook pulls information stored in your browser cookies and analyzes what you are looking for. Then it shows you relevant ads related to your search on its platform.

Targeting people in the process of purchasing can easily land sales!

8) Target Audiences Based on Their Income & Spending

Demographic Targeting






Targeting the right audience is one thing, targeting audiences who can afford your product is another. Just imagine that you are selling a branded watch or a perfume to a specific class of individuals, what is the most important thing you should consider? You should consider whether your target audience has enough money in their pocket or not. By targeting customers having a good amount of average income, you can analyze how much they are capable of spending on products and then retarget them again with the chance of landing a sale once again. Next question, how Facebook analyzes this? It tracks the usage of credit card and other payment gateways to predict the right audience for you.

9) Target Audiences Based on the Age of their Children

Target Audience by Children







Statistic shows that targeting audiences who are searching toys for their children is a commendable strategy and therefore, Facebook has launched a separate option for online store owners to target parents individually. As a store owner, you can classify and target specific parents with different child age groups. For example, if you are planning to sell baby products, you can choose parents with toddlers or if you are planning to sell gaming consoles, you can choose parents with teenagers. The choice is totally yours.

10) Target Audiences in A Relationship yet Faraway

Target Audience in a Relationship






If you are planning to launch an online store for Valentine’s special! Or something which holds a theme for love birds, then you can make use of this option. Do you want to aim for couples who miss each other desperately but are at a distance away! Through your store, you can offer them to send a gift. All you have to do is choose the option from the analytics that targets audiences in relationship. Target people who have anniversaries, away from hometown, or at a long-distance. But, that’s not where the journey stops, you can choose people who are looking to send gifts to their colleague as congratulations on a new job.

So these are my top ten tricks to use Facebook Advertising as a powerful tool, I am sure if you try adopting any one of the above mentioned, you can easily land sales on your website or online store on the go. Give it a try and let me know what you think about it.


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