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Why Use Instagram for Business in 2021?



Anyone who’s been on social media knows how powerful it can be for businesses to be on social media. However, when it comes to marketing a brand, Instagram seems to be the winner with its all-visual design. 

It’s obvious that people remember visuals more than just text. In fact, about 40% of customers respond much better to visual content than to written content. This is why Instagram is a massive hub for marketing opportunities. 

In order to get ahead of your competition and create an impressive brand image, your feed should not only have a decent following, but your posts must also have a fair number of instalikes. 

A good number of followers and an impressive number of likes work to build a sense of trust among customers and also unlocks the “swipe up” feature of Instagram stories. 

For this purpose, you can always buy instalikes at the click of a button instead of waiting around for a long time until you hit that mark. 

Instagram Likes

What Makes Instagram an Important Marketing Channel

Aside from the visual aspect, there are a lot more reasons why this platform could be extremely beneficial. Here are a bunch of amazing facts that will help you see why Instagram could be the most important business tool for you:

  • Over 30% of people who use the internet are on Instagram. 
  • Over 48.8% businesses are active on Instagram.
  • The engagement rate of Instagram is 10 times more than that of Facebook, about 54 times more than that of Pinterest, and about 84 times more than that of Twitter. 
  • Instagram has more than 500 million users. 
  • More than 60% of Instagram users log in on a daily basis. 
  • The platform is known to track over 3.5 billion likes per day. 
  • More than 40 billion images have been shared on Instagram. 
  • Instagram has a relatively young user base, with more than 90% of user being under 35. 

Why Instagram is Great for Business

With a number of eye-opening stats right here, there is no way a business can’t be on Instagram! By helping reach a whole new world of customers, Instagram acts as a gateway to your brand’s success. Here’s why your business needs to be on Instagram:

Instagram Builds Trust Among Customers

There is no doubt that your customers will want to look for you on Instagram. Be it through hashtags, your brand’s title, or even the location of your business. Not finding you on the platform could lead to a bad experience or worse, sending them to your competitors.

Once you have a verified Instagram account with a good number of likes and followers, you’ve already become a real, valuable, and a transparent business. 

Once your profile is up and running, Leoboost can help you get the likes and followers in no time. 

It is a Platform for Virtual Word of Mouth

Let’s assume a customer is ecstatic about buying your product or your client is impressed with your excellent services. 

This creates a possibility of them reviewing your product or service on their own stories by tagging your page. When this happens and if this happens consistently, you appear in the feed of a large number of people who might ultimately end up following you!


This is one way in which word spreads on social media and without an Instagram account, will you ever be able to take advantage of it?

Selling Products or Services Becomes Easier

A majority of customers claim that social media plays a massive role when it comes to making purchases. About 38% of the customers claim that they are influenced by the social media handles of a brand and about 35% of them say that their decisions are influenced by the social media of retailers. This makes it safe to say that Instagram – one of the biggest players in the marketing world – lets your “sell”. For example, a brand called Camping With Dogs records about 95% sales that take place through Instagram ads. 

There is a good chance that if a user follows you on Instagram, they are likely to buy from you because they’d follow you if they value you in the first place.

Instagram’s layout also enables users to navigate through your products easily and the app also enables you to add a sell button so customers can make quick purchases. 

Another way Instagram can boost your sales is through highly targeted Instagram adds. Since the platform is linked with Facebook, they have precise advertisement strategies in place. This means there is a far greater possibility of reaching your target customer and making them hit the follow button. 

Instagram for Business

However, to reap these benefits, make sure you create an Instagram business profile

Increase Engagement 

Instagram is an expert tool for increasing customer engagement. With the Engagement rate of Instagram being 10 times higher than that of Facebook, you can only assume how big the possibility is here. 

In fact, the platform is designed in a way that it keeps users glued to it and for a long time because it’s so easy to scroll! This directly increases your chances of getting more likes and comments. 

Once you’re on Instagram, you can start putting a multitude of engagement strategies like polls, contests, giveaways, etc which will drive home a massive traffic. 

More engagement would mean more followers which would mean an increased presence which would ultimately mean more sales. 

Draw Traffic to your Website

A website link forms an integral part of your Instagram bio and your bio is usually the first thing your visitor sees. If they are interested, they are sure to click on the link and finally land on your website. 

You can even add the “link in the bio” text on your post captions to encourage your users to visit your website. 

Once you have enough followers on Instagram, you can get access to the “swipe up” feature on your stories. This would directly lead your followers to your website.

Now that you understand how important Instagram presence can be for your business, it’s time to start creating your business page right away! 


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