How Do You Get Youtube Views and Subscribers in India?

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Do you know that YouTube is India’s most visited social media platform? Statista data shows India has more than 459 million active YouTube users. And the user base is projected to hit 833 million by 2025.

Apart from that, many brands in India are adopting YouTube to market their brands. For example, by 2020 April, SamsungIndia was the most popular YouTube brand channel with about 2 billion views. And by 2021 November, T-series entertainment was the leading YouTube channel with about 14 billion viewers.

Whether you have a goal to make money using YouTube or market your brand, you need to get more YouTube views and subscribers in India. That way, you can be a partner and begin earning from YouTube in India. And that needs about 1000 YouTube subscribers. The more you grow your subscriber list, the higher you climb the YouTube benefit ladder.

You can post YouTube videos and fail to attract substantial viewers. Getting that YouTube views counter to go up daily isn’t easy. But you can make everything easy. Read on the techniques below, and you’ll get huge YouTube more views and subscribers in India.

10 Proven Techniques to Attract More YouTube Viewers and Subscribers in India

1. Use Effective Video Thumbnails

How fast does your video capture the attention of your viewers? First eight seconds of your video matter a lot. It determines if your audience will watch your video or not. Do your videos have great results? You can display them on your video thumbnail. To have your viewers click on your videos, you can also include something on your thumbnail that connects with your audience emotionally.

When creating thumbnails for your videos, use high-quality images. That helps to make the best first impression. High-quality images in your thumbnail are proof of dedication to creating engaging content that encourages viewers to watch your video.

 A compelling thumbnail hooks your audience into your video. While people love videos, they may scroll past your content if your thumbnail isn’t attractive. Ensure to pay attention to the design of your video thumbnails. And when posting, you can use a custom thumbnail to grab the eyes of your audience and communicate what your videos offer at a glance. That way, your viewers will click to watch your video after knowing its value through your thumbnail.

There is always something that gives you an edge against your competitors. You can be the best at keyword searches, or your editing skills could be top-notch. Take advantage of all those talents and creativity in video making, which helps your channel look more attractive.

Once you realize your unique advantage, use it and create videos that match that advantage. You may highlight your unfair advantage in your content. And that can help get more YouTube viewers and subscribers in India as viewers watch to know what gives you an edge over others.

3. Plan Your Script and Storyboard

Before you begin creating your video, a script will be a vital tool. Your content should address specific customers. And that requires you to know your audience. The goal of your content should also be clear? Knowing the objective of your content helps to tack performance. And as you plan your script, don’t forget to choose your central character if your videos feature many people.

Storytelling on YouTube
Storytelling on YouTube

When done with the script, break it into beautiful scenes and then shots from the scenes. And that’s easy with a storyboard. Storyboarding your video helps to create a production plan. You may be tempted to take your camera and begin recording, which can waste your energy and time if you don’t have a road map. With a storyboard, you visualize the shots you require and the order they will occur. And that helps to create quality videos that get YouTube more views and subscribers in India.

4. Video Editing

Have you taken all the beautiful shots you dreamt of? Your next step is to rearrange, remove or add clips, apply color corrections, and create attractive transitions in your clips to produce a flowing video. Video editing is among the critical step you should pay attention to when making videos.

A poorly edited video will discourage your views from watching to end. And you only need a good video editor to cut your videos to meet the standards you seek. Besides, sound editing software helps you add music to your YouTube videos which attract the attention of your viewers.

5. Share Your Videos on Multiple Social Channels

You need to market your channel on other platforms as a content creator. That makes it easy for your viewers to discover your videos. Once you create captivating and compelling videos, post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even LinkedIn. Ensure to provide your audience a link that leads them to your YouTube channel after posting your videos on other platforms.

 Billions of online users are active on multiple social media platforms. And exposing your channel to that vast audience reach increases your chance to get YouTube more subscribers in India. Your content can even go viral as your audience continues sharing the video.

6. Make 10 to 20 minutes Video

Don’t create too short or too long videos. The attention span of the majority of online viewers has gone down. You risk discouraging your viewers with too-long videos. On the other hand, the YouTube algorithm favors videos about 10 minutes long. The YouTube algorithm suggests video for the audience. If you post less than 10-minute videos, you will not get viewers.

As a content creator seeking to get YouTube viewers and subscribers in India, you should optimize your videos for search engines. And the general rule requires you to maintain your video to a 10 to 20-minute length. If your video goes beyond 30 minutes, the search engine loses traction, and your video won’t rank for your viewers to see.

7. Request Your Audience to Subscribe

You can grow your subscriber list by asking them to click the subscribe button. While this tactic may work magic in having more subscribers, your content should be compelling enough. That’s why you need to take time, to create and edit your videos to have valuable content.

 Once you provide your viewers with the correct answers to their queries, they will click the subscriber button without questioning. After subscribing, they will always receive your notification about new content. Remember, the bigger the number of subscribers, the more benefits you get from YouTube.

8. Include Effective Channel Branding

Every audience loves something well-branded. And branding your YouTube channel lets your viewer know you and the value to expect from your videos. When creating a YouTube video, include a banner alert. That helps to welcome your visitors who click into your channel. They could have watched your video somewhere and sought more.

A channel description is another section you shouldn’t lack on your YouTube platform. While it may appear just like a text, it can be very effective in attracting more YouTube views and subscribers in India. A text tells your visitors why they should subscribe. Ensure your description reflects your brand and who you’re. That builds trust, which is suitable for your channel.

9. Optimize Your Video for SEO

Search engine ranks YouTube videos. That’s why you should understand YouTube SEO and optimize your content before posting. Ensure your video has keywords, optimized titles, hashtags, and descriptions.

Using words and phrases that your audience is applying to find your content will help offer what they are looking for. Optimizing your videos helps avoid spending on content no one is searching for. And if your audience can find your content online faster and easier, you will have many views and subscribers.

10. Run a YouTube Talent Contest

Have you been stuck with the same number of views for a long time? You have a way out if you’re looking for a slight jump in your engagement. Run a talent contest, and you will attract more viewers as people participate to get the reward. And when seeking to make a massive impact on your channel, settle for a price that interests your audience.

You may request your audience to send their video. It could be about performing a challenge, acting, or dancing. Ensure your fans use the official contest hashtag for easy submission tracking. When the contest is over, post the videos submitted by your fans to your channel.


Try the tips mentioned above, and more YouTube views will start to roll in. While hitting a thousand viewers is always a daunting task, you’ll be crossing milestones much more frequently with these strategies in place. You only need quality content, advanced video editing tools, and implement these techniques to earn more viewers and subscribers.

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