15 Best Meme Pages on Instagram in India

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Memes appeal to people because they provide relevant and amusing information, and they are rapidly becoming the most popular form of content on social networking sites, however, according to Piyush Dwivedi, a Hyderabad-based freelance senior meme creator. Businesses started to see memes as a means of building awareness in 2018.

Although there are a few variations between meme profiles and traditional Content creators, their capacity to produce viral content is unparalleled. Today businesses consider meme pages an integral part of their Instagram influencer marketing efforts.

Popularity determines earnings, views, likes, and other metrics. On Instagram, earnings are endless and are dependent on sponsorships and advertisements. Advertisement on a page with between 500K and 1M followers on Instagram costs between ₹1.5 – 2.5 lakhs. On average, they collect 0.3 percent of followers’ INR for each post.

15 Best Meme Pages on Instagram in India

Relatability is one of the most critical features expressed in memes. We’ve compiled a list of some best meme pages on Instagram in India which do a really good job at making the content relatable.

  1. Trolls Official
Trolls Official

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It has more than 6 million followers leads viewers on a rib-tickling adventure. They frequently blend puns with images to create memes that are prepared to make you laugh.

2. The Adult Society

Adult Society

Rohit Goyal is the man behind it. Despite its title, it offers amusing memes. It’s Instagram’s top meme account. This is not an adult-oriented website. It’s a meme site like the rest. It has 6.1 million Instagram followers. It also features some amusing videos of the same kind.

3. Error 69

Error 69

Manpreet Narula from Delhi is the man who started this page. It was launched on April 5, 2013. This page has original memes, videos, and amusing memes. The advantage of this site is that it allows you to direct message them and request contribution credit. He was approached by many leading digital brands like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Tiktok.

4. Naughty Society

Sahil Jaiswal is the founder of this exotic meme page. It was made on August 10, 2017. Trolls, Memes, Punchlines, and humorous videos are posted on this platform. It has 1.3 million Instagram followers. You can also request content credits.

5. Dekh Bhai

The man behind this popular meme page is Ommy Patel. This page will keep making your cheeks ache with laughter. It’s completely understandable as well as to the point. The information is quite appealing and creative. The memes are updated numerous times per day, ensuring a wonderful time and hilarious laughs.

6. Laughing Colours

Like its title suggests, this profile is among Instagram’s most popular meme accounts. Media and news companies manage the page. It has a following of roughly 1.8 million people. This page is well-known for its upbeat and humorous jokes. It is the earliest meme website on the web. It also has some enjoyable and amusing videos.

7. Ted The Stoner

Jitendra Sharma is the man behind the meme site. Ted The Stoner is among the most popular meme sites in the nation, and he’s about to alter people’s thoughts. His idea of coming up with jaw-dropping memes relevant to current events is incredible. He is an animal person who also helps with animal adoption.

8. Akshar Pathak

Take a glance at Akshar’s site, and you’ll get smitten by his good sense of humor. This guy creates memes from the slightest of details. He’s come up with some hilarious material about the lockdown that is sure to make you burst out laughing. He never ceases to astound people!

9. TheIndianIdiot

TheIndianIdiot, which has a massive 848k fans, brings you to a world full of harsh truth. Nonetheless, the memes encourage people to chuckle and share them with their friends. This is also the Country’s most popular Instagram meme site. You’re sure to become glued to its rotating updates if you’re a fan of Desi songs.

10. BuzzFeed India

This page features memes for each event, whether examinations, celebrations, or Bollywood, creating our favorite Indian meme accounts. Their lively and upbeat quizzes are their best characteristics. With a single tap on its description, you’ll have a questionnaire to see which variety of Samosa you are! These memes are indeed timely in terms of politics. As a result, you receive the additional advantage of remaining updated with the latest events.

11. The Indian Memes

This meme page has several fantastic meme depictions that we appreciate and enjoy reposting. Many incredibly avaricious friend-group memes can be made you grin and make you would like to tag all your pals and giggle simultaneously.

12. The Ironical Baba

Amit is the founder of The ironical baba meme page. Its title is self-explanatory. The best choice of entertainment, with amazing memes and popular streaming videos to occupy daily feeds. The Ironical Baba is a fantastic Indian meme site that has won many hearts. Their postings are relevant and accurately depict millennials’ struggles in life.

13. Viral Sarcasm

The page is here to let you chuckle your way out of monotony. They make images, movies, and snippets of prose that are often amusing, and they are famous among young people.

14. BeingInd

You are losing out on a lot of awesome content if you do not follow this account. BeingInd is among the best original meme creators on India’s cultural, administrative, economic, and political systems. It is among the best meme page on Instagram in India, with 404k followers.

15. Thedesistuff

As the title indicates, this site exudes genuine Desi vibes. The Desi stuff gathers most ‘Desi’ memes from around the online platform and presents them to you in a single place.

Though some people make memes full-time, some use them to express themselves or send a strong message. Anything can be made into a meme, from political affairs to controversies to athletics. Organizations now have dedicated meme creators within their marketing teams.

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