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With each passing day, we are taking a step forward in the digital space. Most people hear about any business or service and immediately look it up on the internet. This is why every organization – big or small – is trying to build its online presence through websites and social media.

At present, most businesses rely on their website and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) to increase their reach, tap into diverse markets, and convert visitors to clients. Thus, web development becomes a key factor to the success of enterprises. But finding the best web development company in India can be very challenging. Before making this choice, businesses should also have a brief understanding of what web development is, and how it can steer their growth.

What Makes Web Development and Web Design Different?

The first thing to note is: Web development and web design are two different terms.

Web Design

Web design comes before web development. It deals with the overall appeal of the application and includes implementation of multiple concepts like UI (User Interface) Design, UX (User Experience) Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web graphics design, etc. through standardized coding. Most commonly used web design software includes Adobe Dreamweaver, Figma, Flare, Squoosh, and Linksplit.

Web Development

Web development follows the web design process to finish the technical building. Web development has two main components – front-end development and back-end development. The client-side or front-end development involves the website interface building. Common tools are Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. The server-side or back-end development keeps updating as the database expands. Tools like Java, Python, PHP, and .NET are popularly used.

Top 10 Web Development Companies in India

Amidst the chaos of all enterprises looking for web development companies, it is crucial to make informed decisions. Let us have a look at the top 10 web development companies in India in 2022.

Based in India with offices in the USA, Canada, UK, and France, Hyperlink InfoSystem has developed over 2000 customized website projects since its inception. They have also developed 4000+ mobile apps and proudly served 2300+ clients across the world. They are known for crafty front-end development that blends innovation and technology with brilliant UI and UX.

Founded In: 2011 | Employees: 50-249

2. AllianceTek

As a one-stop solution for web development, AllianceTek offers a wide range of services – from concept strategy to web development and maintenance. AllianceTek strongly believes in developing end-to-end solutions for all enterprises, alongside updating the platform with recent technologies. They have delivered around 480 successful projects and notably, 80% of their customers come back to avail the services.

Founded In: 2005 | Employees: 50-249

3. Geekyants

Trusted by clients like Google, Geekyants has created its name across several enterprises, worldwide. They offer web development services alongside UI/UX design, maintenance, and upgrades for an end-to-end approach. With great experience in building websites, their trusted tools include React, Node.js, Next.js, Java, and TypeScript. They use PHP, Python, Go Lang, Firebase, and GraphQL for back-end development.

Founded In: 2006 | Employees: 250-999

4. PixelCrayons

An award-winning web development company, PixelCrayons has served more than 4800 clients from 38 countries across the world. This India-based web development company proudly presents a 97% client retention rate, offering end-to-end web development solutions to startups, SMEs, and also Fortune 500 companies. In the last 17 years, they’ve taken up 11500+ projects with guaranteed 2x faster delivery.

Founded In: 2004 | Employees: Up to 500

5. Fatbit Technologies

Fatbit Technologies focuses on web development and design to give a competitive edge to companies. Their B2B e-commerce solutions are built with layers of commerce, technology, and back-office operations to realize business goals with core technologies. The web development process further expands to conversion optimization, e-marketing, and SEO.

Founded In: 2004 | Employees: 50-110

6. TIS India

TIS India brands itself as a digital marketing agency that provides web development facilities to enterprises of all scales and requirements. Their team of 100+ professionals collaborates to provide award-winning services. Alongside web development, TIS India also focuses on customized web development, e-commerce, mobile app development, and other enterprise solutions.

Founded In: 2005 | Employees: 100+

7. Indus Net Technologies

Based out of India, Indus Net Technologies has been innovating since ’97 to bring software solutions to the masses. Their clientele of 500+ customers is spread across 20+ countries in the world. With a huge team of 750+ professionals, they offer web development and digital innovations to ensure enterprise success. If you are interested in knowing about IndusNet we have also covered the interview with the founder of the company previously on the site.

Founded In: 1997 | Employees: 250-999

8. Web Destiny

Branded as an e-commerce development platform with web development, Web Destiny offers 360° digital marketing services for brands. The company has successfully delivered over 250 projects to clients from 27 countries across the world. As a web development company, Web Destiny focuses on creating a diverse catalog of functional websites, including static, dynamic, customized, CMS, and e-commerce websites.

Founded In: 2010 | Employees: 10-50

9. Tvisha Technologies

Taking the unique approach to web development, Tvisha believes that they put science and art together to create interesting websites. Their innovative approach towards web development and immense experience makes Tvisha one of the most trusted web development companies. They have created their niche in web development and maintenance, boasting a portfolio of elite clientele who trust Tvisha for developing websites with great strategy and planning.

Founded In: 2002 | Employees: 50+

10. CyberWorx Technologies

A leading web development company, CyberWorx Technologies claims to revamp the representation of enterprises with its website designing and development. The experienced team at CyberWorx puts every element and detail with great care to increase the loading speed, enhance engagement, and boost conversions. Their area of expertise includes developing interactive websites that play a major role in achieving maximum ROI for enterprises.

Founded In: 2013 | Employees: Up to 50

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, web development is the foundation of any successful business in 2022. With the above-mentioned web development companies in India, enterprises can customize their web identity and reach out to a wider audience. Depending on the budget and project demands, all these web development companies excel in their performance, indeed.

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