How to Drive Traffic From Pinterest to Your Website?

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The problem with most social networks these days is that it is hard to drive organic traffic. Modern social networks like Instagram and Snapchat have been designed to keep people on the network for as long as possible. Facebook too has been modified to become like them over the past few years. It’s getting harder to share links and drive traffic. 

One of the few networks that makes it easy to drive traffic is Pinterest. As it isn’t just a social network. It is a social network and a search engine where people search for images and save them. People want to discover new websites on Pinterest, so the network makes it easy for them. 

Therefore, if you want to drive more traffic in 2021, I recommend that you focus on Pinterest instead of wasting it on other popular networks that won’t get you traffic. 

7 Ways to Drive Traffic from Pinterest

Here are some tips to help you drive more traffic to your website with Pinterest

1. Publish at the best time

Just like on any other social network, publishing at the best time matters on Pinterest. If you publish at a time when more people are not only online but are ready to interact with your pins you will get more clicks. So, use a good Pinterest scheduler to set time slots for the best times and then add your pins to these slots. Many of these schedulers will analyze your past pins and automatically find your best times. You can use it if you’d like to. 

If you haven’t pinned much in the past, you can use the times recommended by studies and reports. After you pin some content and gather data you can find your unique time to pin with the scheduler. 

2. Create unique images

Pinterest is all about images. If you can create better-looking images that stand out from your competitors’ images you will naturally get more clicks. So, spend some time creating unique images. Pinterest recommends you create images with a ratio of 2:3. The ideal size is 1000 X 1500 pixels. 

An example of a good image is this one from Shopify. 

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website From Pinterest

I like that they used a tall and attractive image. They also added a call to action that will get more people to not only visit the website but also sign up. 

Make sure that you embed this image on your website. You can generate some traffic by sharing this image on Pinterest, but what will drive even more traffic is people sharing the images after they visit your website. 

I recommend that you create different versions of Pinterest images and pin them to see which one drives the most traffic. You can then pick the winner and add it to your website. 

Not a designer? Tailwind Create takes the URL of your content and instantly gives you thousands of customized Pin designs for you to tweak, choose, and schedule to Pinterest. 

3. Optimize your pin descriptions for SEO

As I mentioned Pinterest isn’t just a social network, it is also a search engine. Your images get ranked on the network. If you get Pinterest SEO right, your images will rank higher and you will drive more traffic. So, make sure you do a lot of keyword research using keyword research tools and add the right ones to your pin description

An easy way to find keywords is by simply typing in potential keywords in the search field, Pinterest will offer keyword suggestions while you type the words. You can go with one of them. 

And after you search them Pinterest will suggest even more. 


You should take some of the most relevant keywords and add them to your pin description. 

But make sure that you don’t stuff these keywords in randomly. Weave them into the text so that it sounds conversational. Pinterest is also a social network and people will want something they can read. Using engaging text will increase the number of saves and comments you get. 

You can also add these keywords to your boards to get them to rank. This will help your board get more followers and it will also drive some traffic. 

4. Use group boards

A popular tactic many people use to drive traffic is group boards. Group boards are boards where you can invite people and get them to contribute. Many people with large followings encourage others to join their boards and pin. This can drive some traffic as board members will see your pins when you pin them. 

You can easily find group boards with a tool like PinGroupie

Drive Traffic from Pinterest

After you find group boards, you should contact board owners and let them know that you would like to contribute to the board. Many people try to DM them, but don’t get anywhere as group owners of popular boards get a ton of messages. An email will help you stand out. Make sure you include some details on the value you will bring. 

5. Run ads

If you want to combine the organic methods and scale results quickly, you should run ads. Ads will help you get your images in front of the right audience instantly. To ensure that you get the best ROI from your ads make sure you combine it with a monetization tactic. This could be selling a product or consulting. As you will only be able to continue running ads is if you generate a positive ROAS. 

So, track everything to ensure you generate a positive ROI. 

6. Grow your following

The amount organic of traffic you generate from Pinterest, will be correlated with the number of followers you have. If you have more followers, your pins will get more impressions and clicks as soon as you pin them. You can solely rely on Pinterest SEO for traffic, but to get the best results you should take advantage of the social features of Pinterest too. So, make an effort to grow your following by increasing your pinning frequency, promoting your account, and using various other techniques. 

7. Now grow your Pinterest traffic

If your aim is to generate more organic traffic in 2021 and get more leads and sales at the same time Pinterest should be a part of it. So, make sure you reserve plenty of time for it. 

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