15 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

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Singapore is a pioneer in cutting-edge technology and has established a dominant presence in the digital world. Therefore, the existence of multiple digital marketing agencies in Singapore is a given. These agencies provide various services, including web design, digital and social media marketing, branding, mobile app development, and UX design.

Today, no brand can deny the significance of establishing an online presence. It is no longer an option but a necessity. In particular, the marketing landscape has entirely changed. Brands are reconsidering their marketing strategies and shifting to digital platforms to remain relevant. If your brand is actively looking for digital marketing agencies to level up your marketing game, you have come to the right place.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Here is a list of the best digital marketing agencies in Singapore. These agencies can dramatically improve your online presence and boost your marketing and advertising campaigns with a team of expert and experienced marketers. Find the most competent agency per your needs!

1. KPI Media

KPI Media is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in APAC, that offers a unique performance guarantee which sets them apart from their competition. Specializing in performance marketing, they excel in delivering results-driven campaigns across multiple channels.

With expertise in Search Engine Marketing, Programmatic Display, Marketing Automation, and Social Media Advertising, they provide a comprehensive suite of services to drive business growth. Experience the power of KPI Media’s tailored strategies and join the ranks of satisfied clients benefiting from their unrivaled performance-driven approach.

2. Mindshare

Mindshare is a global media agency with a presence across 86 countries globally. It boasts clients such as Nike, Facebook, Ford, Rolex, Unilever, IBM, Volvo, Nestle, Lufthansa, and many other global brands. You can explore Mindshare’s recent work by visiting their website. Dove Men+ Care mission, Cheerios: Hacking Prime Day, and KFC’s Colonel KI are exemplary pieces of work by their team.

Services offered: Account management and leadership, content creation, and partnerships, data analytics, Mindshare’s Neurolab uses medical-grade technology to measure customers’ responses and gives deep insights, performance marketing, strategy and planning, and technology development.

3. MediaKeys

MediaKeys specializes in creating global advertising campaigns for its clients. Established in 1993, it has grown into an international advertising specialist actively working in 16 countries with clients globally. Its notable campaigns include digital promotions of Dior perfumes and offline promotions of Jay-Z’s new album.

Services offered: MediaKeys offers multimedia campaign services across various domains, including digital, print, outdoor, airport, and broadcast. Therefore, it makes sure that your brand’s presence establishes everywhere.

4. Digital Squad

It is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency. The B2C and B2B marketing strategies provided by Digital Squad have driven growth for several industries, ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. Its success stories include brand strategies for Singapore Airlines, Fonterra, and BP. It caters to various types of industries, such as education, hospitality, transport, and e-commerce.

Services offered: SEO services, Facebook and content marketing, LinkedIn advertising, B2B marketing and lead generation, conversion rate optimization, and remarketing.

5. NEO 360

NEO 360 adopts a 360-degree approach to digital marketing. It means it looks at digital marketing in its entirety and does not target only a particular channel, such as Facebook or Instagram. Further, it is ready to adapt to any new changes or disruptions occurring anytime in the digital world. It primarily deals in marketing for health and education services. NEO 360’s focused approach to these two sectors makes it quite popular among them.

Services offered: Display advertising, social media ads, search engine marketing services, and automation.

6. Searchmedia

Searchmedia is a team of SEO experts that can boost your brand’s online presence and help you carve a unique identity in a competitive landscape. It offers a full SEO audit report to companies free of cost to evaluate their search rankings and outrank their competitors.

Services offered: Specialized SEO and SEM services, web design, content marketing, and SMM marketing.

7. Isentia

Today, most of the conversations have shifted online, and it has become imperative to keep track of what the target audience is talking about. It is crucial to check whether the marketing strategies deployed are working or not. Isentia, a leading media monitoring, and intelligence solution provider, is at the top of rendering such services. Its top-notch communication teams analyze online conversations in real time and draw insights that are of immense value. Isentia has worked with brands such as Samsung, Walt Disney, and Singtel.

Services offered: Media impact and reputation analysis, monitoring online, print, broadcast, and social media, daily briefings, and reports.

8. Eleven August Media

It is a relatively new agency established in 2019 that believes in ethical marketing and provides realistic estimates to its clients. Eleven August Media’s primary advantage is its cost-effective marketing strategy. Its website hosts an array of e-books and courses on digital marketing for interested clients.

Services offered: Social media marketing and management, landing page design, search engine marketing, google display network, SEO, and graphic design.

9. Zenith

Zenith is a network of 6000 specialists working across 95 markets. The teams are experts in communications planning, media planning, data analytics, and value optimization. Moreover, the platform transforms your business with quality analytics, research, and insights. Zenith identifies itself as the ROI agency. It has worked with many global brands such as Nestle, L’Oreal, Durex, NatWest, and The ONE.

Services offered: Consulting, brand monitoring, reputation management, marketing research, data analytics, and digital marketing.

10. Amber Creative

It is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Amber Creative provides full-service digital solutions to its clients. Moreover, its core specializations include web and app development. It has a wide range of clients from the private as well as the public sector. Some of them are the National University of Singapore, the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources of the Government of Singapore, Singtel, PWC, and SLNG.

Services offered: Web and app design, social media marketing, UIUX research, and design.

11. ActMedia

ActMedia Singapore is a subsidiary of Omni Marketing Global and is an in-store and online marketing specialist. It provides a host of advertising and marketing services across 22 countries. Its prominent clients are Estee Lauder, Magnolia, Garnier, GSK, Lipton, and Novartis.

Services offered: Digital project management, web, and app development, influencer marketing, video production, and lead generation.

12. DWA

DWA is a media agency with expertise in technology marketing. It is a global company with more than two decades of experience. It has provided services to brands such as Cisco, NetApp, and Cinemark.

Services offered: Social and community engagement, strategy and insights, content creation, and data analytics.

13. Initiative

Initiative is a global communications agency that enhances customer engagement through culture. Since advertising avoidance behavior is bound to increase in customers, Initiative leverages culture as a quantifiable parameter to connect people and brands. It provides services to clients including Boeing, Lego, Carlsberg, and Unilever.

Services offered: Client advice and management, influencer strategy, emerging media strategy, consumer insights and analytics, and communications design.

14. First Page

It is one of the top rated marketing and SEO services global agencies. First Page provides its clients with an integrated digital marketing solution to generate leads and drive sales. Certain free tools like SEO ROI calculator, PPC ROI calculator, free SEO audit, and free competitor audit are available on its site.

Services offered: SEO, Google ads, content marketing, reputation management, and marketing automation.

15. Rioks 

Rioks is a leading marketing consultancy and digital agency for B2B companies, e-commerce, and SaaS product marketing. Its primary clients include FPT Software, cognitive clouds, Fireart, and SWAGSOFT.

Services offered: Full-service outsourced marketing department, digital advertising, marketing consulting, and digital transformation.


The digital marketing sector has grown exponentially in Singapore over the past decade. There are a plethora of options available. We have picked these 15 best digital marketing agencies in Singapore based on user reviews, google ranking, support team, and website design. The brands are recommended to leverage the expertise of these digital marketing agencies since it is less expensive to outsource the marketing functions than to have an in-house marketing department.

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