Case Study: The Wolf

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HP with it’s campaign titled The Wolf decided to tell enterprises that it about time to rethink your office printer.

The Wolf, a dramatic episodic series starring Christian Slater, exposed how a hacker can bring down an organization through one of the most overlooked office devices: the printer.

The campaign fundamentally shifted the perception of HP brand and printer security among IT professionals and brought declining industry B2B printer sales up by 6%.



Client: HP

Agency: Gaint Spoon

Language: English

IT professionals often overlook printer security. HP decided to build its narrative around the security threats that enteprises could have if they continued using unprotect devices.

They wanted to fundamentally shift their perception and also create a sense of urgency. HP realized that they had to do something drastically different to stand out in a market which was focusing affordability and ease of use.

Solution: The Wolf

HP roped into Christian Slater for a year-long digital series called The Wolf. The campaign was designed to raise awareness of cybersecurity in the workplace.

In the first video from the series, Christian channels a creepy hacker in the first six-minute episode, lurking outside offices and sending malicious emails to workers. At one point, Slater even howls. The first installment reinforces that security is no longer just the network’s responsibility or something at the perimeter, but it’s a concern for everyone.

The digital series was the first for HP and was followed by four episodes planned in a year-long campaign. Each around two minutes long and directed by BAFTA and Emmy nominee Lance Acord, new chapters of The Wolf were aired throughout the year.


Reach & Coverage

The breakout video received over 12.5 million views & 118 million earned PR placements worldwide.

Impact on Sales

The campaign change the brand’s perception and brought the declining industry B2B printer sales up by 6%.

Wolf Series

Set the stage for next films in the series: The Wolf: The Hunt Continues, The Wolf & the Fixer, and True Alpha.

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