10 Best Network Marketing Books for Marketers

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The Network Marketing model has been around for a while. It is also known as Pyramid Selling or Multi-Level Marketing. Irrespective of the name, network marketing focuses on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. It is quite prevalent, and a significant number of new marketers are interested in it.

So, how can you learn about various network marketing perspectives? Or, know the knick-knacks of this technique?

We have compiled an exclusive selection of the best network marketing books for marketers like you. These books will provide you with a broad perspective and a wealth of knowledge.

Best Networking Marketing Books for Marketers

1. Your first year in network marketing by Mark & Rene Yarell

It is quite obvious from the title of the book that there is a lot to learn from this one. It is the perfect, rather essential read for first-year network marketers. When you start new on this journey, there are a lot of unprecedented things – all of which you can learn from this book.

It prepares you well for your journey and protects you from fear and other irrational notions. This book helps you in dealing with rejection, and uncertainty. It also guides you towards making better connections and strengthening your network.

If you are a speed reader, you can quickly move through this book cum beginner’s delight. One thing missing from this book is the technology that network marketing has adopted. It is a relatively old book, so you might have to read more for the technology used and the implications of the same.

2. The Business School by Robert T. Kiyosaki

From the highly successful author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki, you can expect a lot of hard truths from this book. The Business School is indeed like a school – as the book is filled with lessons to be learned and applied in the field. Although it does not say that it is specific to network marketing, the content of the book is quite relevant for network marketers. In fact, the notion of helping people and Kiyosaki’s words on it make this book one of the best network marketing books out there. You can always trust Kiyosaki’s words when it comes to business, wealth management, and growth.

3. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

This book is a part of most of the top reading lists in the world. It is a shrine for people who want to improve their relations, make new friends, and network better. Although this book might seem more informal the tactics mentioned in the book are prevalent. Connecting with people is an art – and Mr. Carnegie teaches you simple steps that can help you refine the art. Once you understand the gist of this book, you will be able to not just network better but also form long-term relations with your customers.

4. Ice Breakers by Tom Schreiter

In network marketing, you always have to present. You have to put yourself in front of strangers and present your case. So, ice-breaking becomes the perfect activity here. You will have to break down the wall between you and your client. From your communication style to the words you choose – to how you pitch and interact, Ice Breakers covers it all. This book is not just one of the best network marketing books but also a great book for life. This skill of ice-breaking would help you in many areas of life.

5. Freakishly effective social media for network marketing by Ray & Jessica 

Now that we have covered the in-person marketing basics, it is essential to consider social media. Nowadays almost every person is online with profiles on different social media. Social media has in a way made it easier for network marketing with more exposure and opportunity for connection. But at the same time, it has made it quite difficult for marketers to connect with potential customers because of the increased competition. This book helps you to figure out the role of social media in network marketing and provides you with ways to use it for your leverage.

6. How to build a multi-level money machine by Randy Cage

Marketing is all about manifesting money. Through this in-depth book covering distribution networks and other technical aspects, you can attract money in network marketing as well. It is one thing to be a good marketer and another thing to be a marketer who earns a lot of money. To move to the latter, this book is a good read. You will learn philosophies that will make sense to you as you move ahead with the ground reality. 

7. Beach Money by Jordan Adler

Beach Money might not fall in your conventional best network marketing books list, but this book is a goldmine. It is a compressed lesson – learned from a career spanning over 30 years. This book talks about different philosophies around money and the basic principles of network marketing. You can learn a lot of successful strategies from this book. One thing to keep in mind – take notes for future references

8. Rock your network marketing business by Sarah Robbins

This book is like a beacon of hope. It is not an overnight success as a network marketer, and that is what this book says as well. There is a lot of struggle and ups-downs. This book talks about ways you can boost your journey but at the same time prepare you for reality. Overall, the positive tone of this book is quite encouraging and inspiring. After the rejection in the world of network marketing, this book picks you up and pushes you to try again and again.

9. Questions are the answers by Allan Pease

During a normal network marketing interaction, several questions are asked and answered. There are uncertainties, misunderstandings, a lot of unreasonable emotions, facts, etc. When completing a transaction, the marketer’s communication abilities become the deciding element. This book is a key to the same – to obtaining a “yes.” This book discusses conversational elements that persuade the other individual – your consumer – to agree. This is true for both offline and online settings.

10. You are a badass at making money by Jen Sincero

This book is one of the top network marketing books despite not being specifically about network marketing. This is due to the fact that this book discusses attitude, perspective, and ideals. These factors are highly crucial for managing and earning money. If you follow Sincero’s advice, you will be able to maximize the value of your earnings. The book discusses limiting beliefs, overcoming negative attitudes, and transforming one’s perspective. All of these abilities are essential for a successful marketer.


The best network marketing books are a guide and aid in your marketing journey. Once you read through these books, you will learn valuable lessons that will help you in the market. You can learn from the mistakes of others, and be better.

Additional Tip: Make notes when you are reading the books or highlight important texts. this way you can revisit the important parts whenever you need to. You won't have to spend time re-reading pages to find the apt content.

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