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Nearly 52% of visitors who visit your website for the first time are likely to check your about us page, as per a recent study by KoMarketing. Over the years, we have browsed through thousands of about us pages to understand what works and what doesn’t. So when we sat down to analyze the best about us page examples, it wasn’t easy to select the ones we like.

Your about us page is more like your elevator pitch to describe what your business does and why someone should care. It should quickly tell your audience who you are, what you do, and why someone should care. If your about us page doesn’t convey this in few minutes, then you have basically lost your audience.

But more importantly, it is not stuffing all the information you want them to consume but sharing an authentic story that they will remember when they exit the page. Before we deep dive into some of the best about us page examples, let’s examine the ingredients that make a great about us page.

6 About Us Page Best Practices

1. Narrate a Story: The page has to narrate a story in the most authentic way possible. Let’s say your goal is to talk about the company’s founding story. Instead of using large blocks of text, try using a video to explain the story. It could be something as simple as founders narrating the story in a coffee shop or a series of stock videos with the founder’s voice-over.

2. Use Photographs: Remember that a large percentage of visitors to your site are also job seekers. They are interested in understanding what the company’s culture is like. When you put a face to the name, it becomes easier for them to remember. Curate photographs from your employees to be showcased on the about us page.

3. Establish Trust: Consider a prospect is visiting your website; for the first time, it would help if you share few testimonial videos to show some of the brands that work with you. Testimonial either from employees or prospects can act as social proof that your company is making a real difference. Don’t forget to add some client logos as well to go with the testimonials.

4. Use a Call-to-Action: What action would you like the user to take when they visit your page? If you want the user to visit your current openings page or book a meeting with you? No matter what your objective, always add a call-to-action (CTA) to track the effectiveness of your page. Add at least multiple CTAs, one above the fold and one below the fold, to ensure that the user sees it irrespective of whether they scroll to the bottom of the page.

5. Showcase Value Proposition: While most organizations include who they are and what they do on the about us page. They usually miss mentioning why someone should care or how their work makes a difference. Your value proposition is your pitch to prospect as to why you do the thing you do.

6. Add Internal Links: This is something that most businesses overlook; remember, you can’t possibly cover everything your company does on the about us page. Don’t forget to include important links to internal pages to support your narrative and get the reader interested.

15 Best About Us Page Examples for Inspiration

1. Snowflake

Snowflake’s about us page does an excellent job at explaining the company’s origin story. The video at the top of the page has the founders discussing the company’s origins with a sense of humor, unlike any other B2B brand.

Snowflake uses a stronger typeface to highlight some crucial data points that the prospects will find interesting and also has internal links to important pages for users to review.

2. Appian

Appian’s page doesn’t have a lot of content, but it excels at the usage of the video placed on the page. The video is part of a four-part series that the brand has produced, and if you managed to watch the first one in the series, you are likely to search for the rest of Youtube.

Besides the video, Appian ticks the rest of the checkboxes when it comes to using all the ingredients that go into making an inspiring about us page

3. Google

Google’s about us page is a textbook example of how to do internal linking well. Besides the internal linking, the about us page also talks about the Google Doodle in History, giving it a more personal touch. Considering many users are found of Google Doodles.

The company’s history page is also a treat to read from the humble beginnings in a garage to one of the largest offices in Menlo Park, Califonia.

4. Nike

Nike is a renowned international brand. It is not surprising that the company’s about us page is one of the best about us page examples. It starts with a simple yet effective summary of Nike – the brand. This is followed by sections on Innovation, Our Team, Sustainable Innovation, with resources.

What makes this page stand out is a perfect balance between images and text. The brilliant images are supported by powerful content.

4. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the leaders in the digital space. The company’s about us page prominently features its story. The page takes us through the company’s evolution, explains its culture, and provides a list of resources.

It is a simple design but makes optimum use of whitespace with images and short paragraphs. It tells you what you are looking for when you visit the page.

5. Amazon

Unlike other brands, Amazon has an enter site dedicated to what the company does and why someone should care. The site has various sections like who we are, what we do, our workplace, our impact, and our planet.

Each of which focuses on various company initiatives and including news and information from the company’s several subsidiaries. Amazon uses the site as a content hub to showcase the latest thought leadership content.

6. 500px

The about us page of 500 px is just what you will expect from a photography site. It leads with an attractive photo followed by crisp and concise content that tells you about the company.

There is a perfect blend of colors, text, and images. The page design is very simple, which makes it all the more attractive.


Giphy’s about us page is just what you will expect from the leading GIF site. It features a striking image that will grab your attention. The dark background that smoothly transitions from black to blue will definitely hold your interest.

The content is simple and gives you an overview of what GIPHY is all about. The page ends with news about the brand.

8. Moz

Moz makes it to our list of best about us page examples thanks to the neatly structured content on the page. The about us page talks about the founder, the funding, the evolution of the company and ends with the meaning of Moz.

There is nothing complex in the page design. It is basic yet effective, which is how it should be.

9. Twitter

Twitter’s about us page showcases simplicity and curates tweets from some of its users, including one from the founder, which talks about the company’s mission. The information is rendered through a parallax effect which makes it even more interesting.

The page also makes good use of the call-to-action by linking to appropriate internal pages.

10. Zendesk

Zendesk is a well-known CRM company. Their about us page reflects the company’s focus on people. The large text, eclectic mix of colors, and optimum use of whitespace make this page very attractive.

At the end of the page is a very interesting scroll through with a series of statements flashing. A great way to grab attention and hold it.

11. Zoho

Zoho’s about us page showcases the company’s core philosophy while also featuring important information like the organization’s timeline with a mashup of photographs to showcase the culture and people.

The internal links used lead to some of the thought leadership content that deep dives into the organization’s philosophy of being self-funded, product development, and supporting the community at large.

12. National Geographic

National Geographic is a well-known brand that makes use of a video to talk about itself. The attractive fonts and page design are why this is one of the best about us page examples. A link to articles follows the video.

At the end of the page are brief profiles of the top management of the brand.

13. Cultivated Wit

The about us page of Cultivated Wit is what you will expect to see on a comedy company’s website. Loud headlines accompany the content presented in short paragraphs. Brief biographies of the four founders follow this.

The large title is sure to catch your attention. This is a great example of a simple design made to look attractive.

14. Drift

Drift’s about us page is one of the best about us page examples. Here again, you get the see the importance of bold headlines and large text with sufficient whitespace. This is another instance where simple design scores.

In very simple terms, the page tells you what Drift does and how it does it. A perfect way to have an about us page!

15. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s about us page is a neat blend of video, images, colors, and minimal content. The design is done very neatly, and it reflects the brand’s ethos.

This is yet another great page where you get to see optimum use of whitespace. This is very important in web design. The content is brief but proves to be highly effective when presented with video and a great design.

Final Thoughts

It is not difficult to create the best about us page. Taking a look at the best about us page examples would have helped you understand the main elements needed on the page. You need to narrate your story and do it using a neat yet simple design. You can get inspired by these pages and create a great page for your website.  

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