5 Tips to Build Bite-Sized Content

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With attention spans getting shorter marketers have a tougher task to reach & engage consumers. We have moved from 30-second elevator pitches to 8-second bite-sized content. Bite-sized content gets instantly consumed and generates immediate feedback for brands.

Today a copywriter can start his day by crafting content in the form of a 140-character tweet and end with a 150-word master creative. Designing content that gets consumed instantly requires clear understand of the audience & their needs.

5 Tips to Build Bite-Sized Content


The word brevity comes from the Latin word ‘Brevis’ which means ‘brief’ in Latin. Brevity encourages marketers to clearly think through what they want to mention in the copy. Conciseness coupled with clear call-to-action always grabs users attention.

Below is an excellent example of bite-size content used to promote the movie, Jason Bourne which released last year. The 6-second video was used across social media & mobile devices to promote the film.


Front-load to Grab Attention

Front-loading is a technique that most journalists use to put the most important or attention-grabbing elements first followed by supporting or explanatory information. The content is writing in diminishing order of importance. Front-loading is also referred as Inverted Pyramid Structure.

Front-loading could be very useful for bite-size content. For example, push notifications are restricted to 235 characters on iOS or 140 characters on Android. Front-loading the most important content in the first 70 characters could potentially improve the conversions from the content.

Push Notification Front Loading

Keeping it light

When brands get absorbed in placing their logos on every piece of content they create they lose sight of the audience. Keeping it light requires you to create content that is cheerful, optimistic and hopeful.


Real-time marketing has become the catch phrase for marketers. Oreo with its ‘Dunking in the Dark’ tweet during Super Bowl 2013 made the term more popular. The trick to real-time marketing is choosing the set of topics that are relevant to your brand and not looking at every opportunity to place your brand.


Upscaling content has to be on the list of priorities for marketers. Google produced bite-sized content from its data for Rio Olympics real-time. Short snippets of content were set up to highlight data unique to each sport. Larger trends and insights were listed on dedicated landing page developed for Olympics.

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