5 LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

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When it comes to B2B marketing LinkedIn continues to be marketers top pick. The platform crossed 500 million users earlier this year and continues to add new features like video to lure more users. 9 million companies use LinkedIn Company Pages to promote their brand. Company pages allow you to share news, industry articles or thought leadership pieces. We’ve outlined five LinkedIn company page best practices that you can use to make your brand stand out.

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

1. Focus on Building Conversations

One-sided conversations are no fun! Few companies tend to post content that is overly promotional. Your brand has to helpful and friendly, not salesy to be of value to your audience. If you are posting a company-related update or product announcement, make sure that it delivers a specific benefit to the audience.

To make sure that you get your followers to converse with your content focus on humanising the conversations. To humanise the conversation ask thoughtful questions to involve your audience rather than using a statement-oriented copy.

Schneider Electric

2. Avoid Stock Photos

LinkedIn’s research indicates that posts with images result in 98% higher comment rate. It is a best practice to include an image or rich media in your updates.

Airbnb curates images from its hosts and employees for social media usage. Using original photos helps the brand to stand apart from a sea of companies using random stock photos.


3. Always-on

Posting daily updates is the most efficient way to drive engagement and to converse with your target audience. In always-on, context is everything. To get the context right, you need a deep understanding of consumer behaviour.

To deliver an always-on strategy, you need to anticipate consumers needs. It’s trying to provide something in advance of the consumer wanting to find it. Plugging in the context (place, location, time, emotion) will make it easier for the audience to engage with your content. Brands with always-on strategy always score higher LinkedIn Content Marketing Score.

For instance, Gartner anticipates the needs of CMO’s and advertisers before the start of the new year by publishing results of its CMO Spend Survey.


4. Sharing is Caring

The fundamental question for any LinkedIn page is ‘what do people get out of following your page?’ This needs to go beyond marketing your products or services to your target audience. Revealing some of the trade secrets to your LinkedIn followers can add more value to your profile.

In fact, Moz has mastered this art. The marketing analytics firm provides marketing professionals with SEO advice and best practices. This tactic has not only labelled the brand as knowledge but also goes one step further to separate it as a thought leader.


5. Making it Personal

Remember your followers are also interested in learning more about your organisation. Using human interest stories helps you to showcase the personality of the brand. For instance, you can showcase an employee’s story to give an insiders perspective on the companies culture and what’s it like working with the company.


The Takeaway

Among other LinkedIn company page best practices you can personalise your content further by setting-up showcase pages and customise your pages for a global audience in more than 20 languages. Using personalisation will enable you to create a distinct messaging and target specific audiences. Track your progress periodically to understand the size and composition of your follower community. Optimize your content based on individual performance.

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