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5 Key Metrics to Measure B2B Social Media Performance


Imagine yourself as a social media manager at a large B2B brand. You’ve been publishing content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a few other social networks, building up some followers and engagement. But it almost seems like your top management doesn’t seem to care about the brand’s social media presence.

As social media marketer, you have to step up your game by focusing on metrics that your top management is going to care about. You have to quantify how social media is driving broader organizational goals.

In this article, we have outlined the top 5 B2B social media metrics that you should monitor for your brand.

5 Key Metrics for B2B Social Media Success

Engagement as clicks

Clicks are the most valuable B2B social media metric to track. Measuring clicks gives you a broad view of how well your content attracts visitors. It also helps you to understand why a certain piece of content is more engaging than another.

You can also leverage Click-Through Rate (CTR) benchmarks to optimize your content’s performance. For instance, if your CTR is below the benchmark average. Analyze the impressions and clicks to optimize your performance.

Optimization Metrics
Optimization Metrics by Daniel Hochuli

Monitor Social Traffic 

The website is the cornerstone of your company’s online visibility. Social has to drive traffic to your online assets constantly. Use your web analytics platform to track your website visitors – where they come from and how they behave. Monitor your social traffic and how it affects your overall performance.

Social Traffic

Combine CRM Data with Social Data

Integrating your Social Media tool with your CRM platform allows you to enrich your lead data with social information. This integration will also enable you to create leads, opportunities, or cases based on social media conversations on your CRM. Further, you can also record all social activities to document your engagement with your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics + Hootsuite

Full-Funnel Analytics

Demonstrating your ability to generate leads from social channels is a critical social media KPI. Brands have to evaluate their social media posts, networks, and campaigns to identify whether they are converting audiences into marketing-qualified leads (MQLs).

You can gain measurable insights by integrating your social platform with your analytics tool. Such integrations allow brands to track leads’ engagement on social, track their Campaign interaction history, and integrate online and offline data. This helps brands to create and deliver content and experiences that convert better.

By integrating your web analytics with social media tools, you can measure which social networks drove the most conversions. Use unique UTM parameters, to track which individual posts bring in the most conversions.

Unique UTM Parameters unlock value in the following areas:

  • See how a single post drove website visits, page views, and other goal conversions.
  • Compare the performance of UTM (owned) and Non-UTM traffic (shared) generated.
  • Filter by campaign tag to map web conversion data.

Optimize your paid campaigns

Many social media tools now allow you to update audience data by integrating with your CRM data automatically. For instance, if you have segmented your data based on synced CRM fields like the lifecycle stage, the latest changes you make in your CRM system will reflect in your Audience. By adding granularity to your segmentation, such as gender or job title, will allow you to target the right people, at the right time, with the right content.

Custom Audience

Social activity/data can also be used to drive lead scoring and to push leads deeper into the funnel by adding Social Activity to your Leads in the marketing automation platform.

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