15 Best Event Management Agencies in India

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Event management is the most dynamic of industries prevalent today. It burst onto the Indian scene in the 1990s, and there has been no turning back ever since. As a result, the scope, scale, and diversity of event management in India have grown steadily, keeping with the times.
The event management business in India enjoys an imposing presence. What began a decade ago as an INR 28 billion market in 2012 has almost quadrupled over the last decade. Estimated revenue from organized events is pegged at INR 100 billion in the financial year 2021. While the event management industry has grown at a steady 16% since 2002, forecasts predict a 20% growth in the coming years.

The pandemic may have had a significant role in diminishing the current numbers, but it has also done its share in redefining engagement and strategies. Event companies have adapted to use digitization and viewership preferences together, creating a new dynamic that may be heralded as the future of events as we know it. While some event companies may have had to shut down, those that have learned to adapt have created new industry benchmarks.

Top Event Management Agencies in India

Individuals prefer event management agencies primarily because they manage scales and budgets with ease. They also invariably lend a more professional touch. We bring you a list of the 15 best event management agencies in India with details about their operations and the events for which they are best known.

1. Wizcraft

Wizcraft is among the most popular and well-established event management companies in India. While it is known for its extravagant entertainment events, it has over 500 MNC clients who depend on it for large and small events. The company has its head office in Mumbai and is credited with organizing the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games and the celebration of 50 Years of Indian Independence.

2. Percept

It is a pioneer of a concept known as integrated marketing communications and has been in the event business since 1984. Further, it has been adjudged the Top Event Management Company of 2021. With a team of over 1000, the company handles media, communication, and events with equal expertise. It is best-known for event management and branding consultancy. Percept currently has over 60 offices, both in India and overseas.

3. Cineyug

If you wonder where events like Stardust and Zee Cine Awards get their glitz and glamour from, Cineyug is responsible for the magic. It undertakes everything possible to propel movies, keep them in the spotlight, and bring stars fame and publicity galore. An amalgam of seven different companies, Cineyug has a glorious legacy when it comes to film-related events. However, it also focuses on sporting, corporate, and wedding events.

4. Pegasus

Pegasus is the best fit for those in search of an event management agency that can pull off any conceivable format. Over the years, the company has built a name and a formidable corporate client list. It manages large and small conferences, roadshows, PR campaigns of all kinds, and conferences and awards. Its exhibitions are exceptionally well organized and executed.

5. George P Johnson

If you intend to rub shoulders with world-class names, George P Johnson can make it happen. GPJ, as it is more commonly known, is an experience-marketing company that has dominated the event space in India for over two decades. It has a presence in every significant city worldwide, making it perfect for multinationals who need a global solution. GPJ leaves a signature stamp of class and panache in its events, whether a product launch, town hall, or even seminar.

6. Geometry Encompass (now VMLY&R)

While some companies are front-runners for the latest trends, others set the trends to follow. That is how Geometry Encompass can be best described. The experiential marketing agency has always embraced current practices and kept ahead of the demands of the day. As a result, the company looks to capitalize on customer experiences and offer improved engagement and visibility with its digital screens. Although in business since 1998, Geometry Encompass has made waves since its acquisition by WPP in 2008.

7. DNA Entertainment Network

Are you looking to pull off a high-profile event or want a company among India’s 15 best event management agencies? If so, you might want to consider DNA Entertainment Networks. The Bangalore-based company has organized numerous entertainment and music shows. It has also handled glamorous, high-profile events, including IPL, Hockey India League, and Premier Badminton League. Further, it has done excellent work with large corporations and institutions.

8. E-Factor

The Noida-based company has handled some of the most significant celebrity events and corporate do’s. Its event bandwidth is probably the largest, covering lifestyle events, weddings, and corporate seminars and shows. With an experience of over two decades, there is nothing too large or too complex for it to pull off.

9. Fountainhead MKTG (now MKTG)

A Mumbai-based outfit, Fountainhead has a reputation for managing significant corporate events and shows. Its excellence comes from its technology and marketing campaigns. It is a part of Fountainhead Transmedia located in New York.

10. Craftsman Solutions

If you want to create a sensational brand launch, it may be the company you should approach. Craftsman Solutions is known best for its brand launches in India, apart from which it also conducts large and small exhibitions and other corporate events. It is a go-to event company for several companies in India and abroad.

11. Balmer Lawrie

An organization that is an enterprise of the Indian government, it is among the oldest event management companies and has built a formidable reputation over the years. With a century-old legacy, Balmer Lawrie Travel and Vacations plans and manages events overseas and domestically. In addition, it is an expert in managing expos, meetings, and conferences.

12. Tafcon

Based in New Delhi, Tafcon works across various industry sectors to organize diverse corporate events and shows. Over its five years of existence, the company has built a name for itself in the business of trade fairs and exhibitions. It also opens possibilities for joint ventures and collaborations.

13. Wow Events

If there is anything that makes this company distinct, it is the wow factor. After over 15 years in the business, Wow Events has worked with some of the biggest corporate names and is associated with high-profile events, including the Anoushka Shankar Project and HT City Fashionista Project.

14. Corporate Events

The name is relatively self-explanatory. With over a decade’s experience in planning and instrumenting different corporate events, it is probably your best bet if you need to look impressive and influential. Corporate Events caters to a host of possibilities and takes on everything from planning to successful implementation.

15. Showtime

Whether a product launch, an announcement, celebrating a milestone, or simply creating an unforgettable event, Showtime has a reputation for making every occasion better than you conceived. Their expertise lies in pulling off the unthinkable, overcoming operational challenges, and organizing events of large scale and scope. As a result, Showtime has been associated with some of the biggest brands and events the country has witnessed.


We have given you a list of the 15 best event management agencies in India. Although you will find several other players who can cater to your specialized needs, we have you covered if you need only the best in the field!

If you are looking for a list of the best event management platforms to manage your online or virtual events. Do check out our list by clicking on the link shared.

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