In his latest book ‘Killing Marketing’ Co-Author, Joe Pulizzi questions the very foundation of the marketing function. The book as he mentions is not a how-to guide to marketing but rather a Jerry Maguire mission statement for marketing professionals.

The core principle of the book is that we’ve been misusing the marketing function for years. Marketing, in its truest form, was actually meant to be set up and function as a profit center.
– Joe Pulizzi, Author, Killing Marketing

It’s about time we draft a mission statement for our content marketing efforts as we step into the new year. To understand how will content marketing change in the new year, we decided to go straight to the big guns and find what they think about it.  We reached out to six content marketing experts and asked the following question.

How will content marketing change in 2018?

The responses from each expert are compiled below.

“The one major mistake we make with content marketing is that we produce content that we like to hear about ourselves. In a social-media driven world, unless you are able to answer the question “How can my content (or even my marketing) help make your life better”, you’re likely to produce self-serving content that is meaningless to everyone except yourself.”

– Haroon Bijli, Group Digital Communications, Tata Sons

“In 2018, content marketers will use the tools to predict what topics are about to take off even more. Today, many still respond after something took off, but in 2018 sophisticated listening, anticipation and then execution will mature.”

– Christoph TrappeContent Marketing Trainer and Coach

“Content will become more voice based. With take off of services such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri, content is getting discovered more via voice and sound and less people are reading content. Brands should optimize their content for voice search which will give them greater effectiveness.”

– Rituraj Bidwai, Digital Strategist

“Remember Alexa is popular and Siri, Google Home are not too far behind. So as a brand, it’s time to ask yourself – Can we be found via voice? The next wave is all about being adaptable to mobile devices and voice. Invest in that now, if not doing so!”

– Malhar Barai, Group Manager – Marketing, Tech Mahindra

“In the hyper-targeted, customized communication world, based on the premise of Content Marketing, three key aspects need to be considered from Paid Media angle – 1) Message sequencing across and within channels will be of crucial importance. Very few brands leverage this as of now, as most digital channels aren’t equipped for it. However, a well thought-through communication plan, could address this. 2) The cost of reaching N=1 audience will rise substantially, compared to the broad ‘Spray & Pray Targeting’. Brands need to be cognizant of this fact and plan their media investments accordingly 3) While content marketing is across channels, brands need to arrive at most appropriate attribution model for all paid media spends to delineate the ROI from each channel. Else, some channels will get ruled out or vice versa with inappropriate attribution modeling.”

– Anandan Pillai, Associate Director (Paid Media), Performics

“We’ll start to see a shift from creating content for the masses to more thoughtful, targeted messaging. Personalization will be key.”

– Lisa Macyes, Head of Social Media Marketing, Marketo

As we move into the new year, let’s hope that businesses stop treating content marketing as a tactical function rather as a business strategy that drives value. How do you think will content marketing change in 2018? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. I hear what you are implying..where do Alexa and Siri pull information from based on consumer requests? And is this replicable in a B2B environment?

    • Lot’s of B2B players already have a voice search integration on the website. The technology that powers Alexa is already available as Amazon Lex for B2B players to use on the applications and platforms they build. As the tech gets better, you will see more use cases from a B2B context.


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