A friend of mine was telling me about an AI system that helped a lingerie brand “Cosabella” to improve revenue performance. The AI platform increased revenue for Cosabella by 155% in Q4. In the first month of implementation, it reduced costs by 12%, increased returns by 50%.

This system is called “Albert”. Albert’s algorithm makes it possible to market products through email, mobile, search, social and display. The campaigns are optimized by the AI algorithm by taking clues of parameters entered by the brand managers. These parameters include geographies, TG, budget, returns on ad spend, targets to be achieved and much more. You can get more information about this case study here.

Facebook recently has taken a step in this direction by introducing a feature “Dynamic Creative” (DC). In today’s blog post we will see how the feature works.

The supported objectives for Dynamic Creative are:

  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • App installs

What it does is – it optimizes creative components so as to ensure the most efficient result for every impression is served. So identification of best performing creative will become easier with this feature.

According to Marketing Land (link):

Dynamic Creative can generate more than 6,000 versions of an ad.

Now that is awesome.

In Facebook’s words –

“Dynamic Creative finds the best ad creative combinations by taking the components of the ad (images, videos, titles, descriptions, CTAs, etc.) and running different combinations of these assets across audiences.”

This tool is part of Power Editor and updated Ads Manager interface. But while creating a new campaign select “Quick Creation” workflow and not “Guided Creation”.

Here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1: Set up your campaign with “Quick Creation”

  • Select objective
  • Name the campaign, ad set, and the ad
  • Save the campaign to draft

Start editing the ad set. Now you will be able to see Dynamic Creative option.

Click on the button to turn the feature on. You will get the following message:

In my opinion, this will pertain to placements. According to Facebook the supported placements for ads are:

  • Facebook Newsfeed on desktop and mobile
  • Right-hand column
  • Instagram feed
  • Audience Network classic
  • Audience Network In-stream video
  • Audience Network rewarded video

Step 2: Creative Assets

Now the real fun begins.  You have to select creative assets.

Maximum no. of total assets you can use is 30. Bifurcation is given below:

  • Text – max 5
  • Either Image or Video – max 10
  • Headline – max 5
  • Newsfeed link description – max 5
  • CTA (Call To Action) – max 5

Following is how an ad will look on mobile news feed. (Source: Facebook Business Ads Guide)

If you try and give more than 30 assets, the ads manager will give you an error “Too many assets in ad asset feed. The limit is 30.”

The combination of assets is completely random. If you want to see the variations, you have to select “View More Variations”.

You need to understand that this is just one ad and not multiple ads.

Step 3: Analyze Performance By Ad Creative

In order to understand which ad creative is driving best results, you will have to identify “Breakdown” in Ads Manager. This will be above the reporting table.

  • First, you have to select the Campaign, Ad Set or Ad that you want to analyze.
  • Select “By Asset” -> then you can choose one of the breakdowns from: Image, Video, Headline, Text, Description, Call to Action, Website.

In Facebooks words –

“Once you’ve selected a breakdown, you can view the columns for Results, Cost per Result and CTR (Link Click-Through Rate) to see these metrics by asset type. You can also select the breakdown Age & Gender to see what type of people are interacting with ad creatives. You can then use this information to improve your decisions around targeting and selecting ad creatives.”

The Dynamic Creative feature was not available when I checked in my Ads Manager account. After writing to Facebook I understood that this is available in beta right now. Here is Facebook’s response to my query.

Your turn:

Have you tried Dynamic Creative yet?

What kind of results are you getting?

Do share your learnings. Until next time, keep being awesome.


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