2017 is coming to an end, and it’s that time of the year where we start exploring the key SEO trends for 2018.

It is always necessary for Digital Marketing Agencies to stay updated with the trends, search engine algorithms and methods that work. In the search industry, there are a number of SEO trends that manifested itself at the beginning of this year and continue. They will convert even more significant in the upcoming year 2018.

SEO Trends for 2018

In the article, we will consider ten important SEO trends, which are worth watching in the coming year 2018.

1. Deep Onsite Analysis

Yes, onsite analysis of website is very important from the SEO point of view. It is now considered as most important and vital factor for ranking on search engines like Google. Deep analysis can include internal linking, keywords in metadata, sitemap, analytics and webmaster code insertion, broken links, H tags analysis, etc.

2. Voice Search

The technology of voice search can intensely change the way we transfer and process information. According to Google, currently, 1 out of 5 search queries is set by voice.

The growth of voice search will also contribute to the integration of this functionality in devices for managing smart homes. Entering the dialog search outside of smartphones will open new opportunities for both SEO and content marketing, allowing users to interact with users in a unique, but still useful way for them.

3. Virtual Assistance

The growing popularity of virtual assistants is changing the way users search. As voice recognition accuracy improves, more users will use voice search on their mobile devices to get quick and relevant answers.

These procedures renovate the search market, and we believe that there will be an even larger change towards voice search in 2018. As for the strategy, this requires focussing on long-tail queries and the use of natural language, as communication with virtual assistants, needs to be interactive.

4. Link Building

Nothing says that in 2018 linking will disappear. Moreover, next year, obtaining quality links will become even more important. In this case, there is no point in earning links that do not add value to the company and do not increase its credibility in the target niche.

The best links are not necessarily links from the most popular sites. However, it is critically important that these resources belong to the industry in which the company operates.

As for guest blogging, it should be used with caution. In May, Google warned publishers about an increase in the number of spam links in such articles.

All this speaks about the need for a more diversified strategy of link building, oriented to systemic and complex work with the reference profile, rather than obtaining single links in the hope that they will ensure success.

5. Meaningful Content

In today’s fast life, nobody has time to browse boring, non-meaningful and extended content. Users rather specialize in websites that supply authentic, short and fascinating articles. So, it’s sensible to provide short, crispy and informative articles on the website. Knowing the context and delivering the right messaging at the right place, the right time will continue to be the key to effective SEO.

6. Instant Search

The popularity of instant search and quick results supported the competition between businesses for zero position in the search results.

According to Stone Temple Consulting, Google returns ready-made responses for 30% of requests. This means that you need a strategy to optimize the content of the site to get a place in this block.

Among the common types of extended answers are lists, tables, and graphs. It is also useful to create content in a question and answer format, which makes it easier for Google to extract the appropriate content for display in those blocks.

In addition, more and more relevant is the optimization of content for ready-made answers in voice search. The mixture of two developing trends in the search market is the strategy that may increase the company’s chances of getting into the top search engines result page.

Instant response in Google usually use the words “What” or “Like.” The results that fall into these blocks have a CTR of 32.3%.

A carefully thought out strategy for getting into the blocks with answers can increase both the authority of the company and the conversion rates.

7. Mobile on-the-go

If Google launches the mobile on-the-go in 2018, then companies will fully experience how much their mobile devices impact their success.

But even if Google decides to postpone the launch to a later date, we still need to provide an excellent experience of interaction for mobile device users. A study by BrightEdge showed that 57% of the world’s Internet traffic falls on smartphones and tablets. We can also add that there is a substantial difference between how keywords are ranked on various platforms which include mobile devices and desktops. Therefore, mobile-first content is necessary to provide the company with visibility in mobile search.

As the use of mobile devices increases so does the popularity of local search. Mobile users are increasingly looking for information on the move, interested in what’s nearby (cafes, shops, etc.).

Site speed is critical for search engines, and when using technologies such as Google AMP, the page load occurs four times faster than a standard mobile page. According to Chartbeat, AMP-pages are downloaded within 1 second and increase the time spent on the site by 35%.

Given the focus of Google on AMP, more and more publishers are implementing this technology on their resources. According to the latest data, more than 4 billion AMP-pages have already been published. The demand for AMP is expected to increase by 2018 and we believe adoption of AMP will continue to lead the top SEO trends.

8. Visual search

Visual search may be a combination of technological innovations and achievements in user expertise which will bring the search to a brand new level.

Today, the web is turning into a visual destination. Leading technology firms like Google, Bing, and Pinterest area unit are already developing powerful visual search engines in a shot to take advantage of this trend.

In 2018, SEO strategy ought to contemplate however we have a tendency to consume visual content, and the way search engines transcend text to explore ever-changing search habits. The battle for users is intensifying, and companies should pay even more attention to optimizing their visual content for SEO.

9. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already introduced in the past years. It has changed the way search results are ranked.

At the same time, the growth of voice search and virtual assistants can become an ideal basis for the development of artificial intelligence systems and the promotion of those SEO strategies that take into account current trends.

Next year, the search industry expects, even more, changes related to artificial intelligence.

10. Machine Learning

Machine learning also helps users find results that match the context of the request. This provides a more personalized experience with search interaction.

In 2018 Rank Brain will remain an essential factor influencing Google search. In the industry disputes continue on the need for “optimization for artificial intelligence,” but so far no data is confirming that this should be done.

Final Words

It’s important to keep track of the key SEO trends for 2018 from a marketers point of view. Traditional techniques and methods will continue to be effective, while the trends mentioned above can significantly change that will be expected to work on search engine optimization in the upcoming year.

It is essential to understand that SEO is already changing and then thinking of 2018 were getting to the first position in the SERP is no longer the ultimate goal. As the search engines evolve, new opportunities arise for increasing search traffic, which is not necessarily related to organic issuance.

Targeting trends such as the growth of ready-made responses, contextual advertising, voice search and local SEO, can often provide better results than an emphasis on organic search. Therefore, it is essential to think about how to combine established and growing SEO trends to develop a truly effective strategy for the next year.



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