For a moment, step into the shoes of your customers and consider this: which brand’s website will you shop from? A website which is user-friendly, conveniently accessible and easy to interact with or the one that is complicated, hard to interact with and confusing? The answer would definitely be in favor of the former.

Few things in life are constant and user experience is one of them. It will change rapidly if one is not making the right choices. The ultimate aim of a modern UX design is to reach the insides of a user’s mind and squash potential confusions or problems.

“You’re designing a product for people, and it doesn’t matter if it’s on Android or iPhone or Windows Phone.” 

– Joey Flynn, Product Designer at Facebook

User experience design is a never-ending process which requires that UX is kept as updated as possible. It is no more a second thing for the consumers – it is the ultimate priority. It is an absolute necessity that your website stands out to the visitors and offers something fresh.

Here are some stats that emphasize on the importance of creating an effective and modern user experience design:

  • Infinite scrolling can significantly lower the bounce rate. Fifteen percentage points were dropped for when they adopted continuous scroll. Source
  • com was criticized over their homepage design. They listened to the critics and incorporated the provided suggestions. Their revenues jumped up to 35%. Source
  • 88% of online users report that they are less likely to return to a particular website if they have had a bad experience on it. Source
  • 48% of online users report that they feel annoyed by a website which is not properly optimized. Source
  • A website which offers videos is more likely to obtain users. Source

These stats clearly show the significance of user experience design. Let’s take a look at some principles of modern UX design which are pertinent to the success of any online business.

Design Focusing on an Experience

With so many websites and information on the internet, it is unlikely that the users remember everything that they are presented with. However, they will never forget how something made them feel. Advertisers that focus on selling to the consumers’ hearts go a long way.

Geoffrey James in his article states that more than the actual information, it is the emotional effect of that information which has an impact on the audience. This is exactly why User Experience Design has obtained such an integral position in mobile app and web design.

A perfect user experience design must be a combination of text, layout, graphic design and other interactive elements for ensuring that users have a once-in-a-lifetime online experience rather than having merely an informational view.

Differentiation really matters when it comes to the quantity and complexity of information that the users are presented with. If a certain website doesn’t give an experience, it is lost somewhere in the web of internet.

Simplicity and Clarity above all

A modern user experience design does not mean that everything on the website has to be complicated. If something is too complicated for the visitor to understand, he or she will lose interest almost instantly.

According to statistics, a visitor takes 0.05 seconds to decide whether he or she is interested in your website or not. Therefore, interfaces need to highlight the required actions as clearly as possible for the visitors. Users must not have to think too much about what they need to do.

Consider what a website should present to come off as easy and convenient for the visitors to use. For instance, for a specific option, focus on having one useful button rather than having four. The presence of too many similar options can frustrate the visitor.

A simple design is also consistent. It reuses different behaviors, components, and colors all over its web page so that users do not have to think too much again and again. Complying with a consistent user experience design pattern would make everything simpler and clearer. Remember that today’s user wants to save time. Anything which comes off as time-consuming ticks him off instantly.

Taking the User’s Side

Is the website trustworthy? Does it have no clear intentions? Nobody will want to visit it again! A thoughtful product is one which shows clear intentions for its users so that they know that they are cared about and they can make choices comfortably.

Statistics show that 68% of users give up on a website because they think they are not being cared for, which is hardly ever the case, particularly when business is concerned.

A modern user experience design, therefore, works from the users’ perspective and knows what exactly they need.

 Ensure Safety and Security of the User

In case of an effective website design, feedback and visibility are of utmost importance. A good visual ensures that the important things are visible on the website so that users can see what functions are easily available and what the system is presently doing. Feedback is equally necessary as consistent and constant feedback ensures that users’ desire of control is enhanced.

This also includes ensuring that the website covers up the mistakes and errors (unintended) which were caused by the user. An honest mistake must be easy to recover and the user must not find himself or herself stuck for no reason, with no escape at all.

Final Thoughts

The enlisted principles are an important starting point for ensuring that the existing problems with the UX design are cleared up within time. However, during designing a user experience, one step at a time must be taken which can make the incorporation of these principles easier.

It is also important to remember that in order to ensure that the user experience for your website is good, you should corroborate it with real visitors. Else, it wouldn’t be termed as the user experience!


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