Rockstar was among the most anticipated movies of 2001, the movie released on 21st May 2011 and received positive to mixed reviews upon release. It’s been three months since the release of the movie now, and the buzz on social media still continues to grow. The fan page created for the movie continues to grow at 22% (1 Month Average) adding about 3000 (approx) new fans every day.

The organic growth of the fan page has skyrocketed since release; the three-month average growth for the page has been 144%.

So what happens to the fan page post the release of the movie? Does the engagement drop? What do you talk about on the page?

The engagement doesn’t drop, in fact, it only increases as fans who like the movie come back more often to the page to share their feedback and to listen to what other fans about the movie, though. The production house which manages the fan page gets an opportunity to provide information about its upcoming releases and using the fan page as a source to generate referral traffic to its unreleased movie fan page.

One of our all time favorite romantic movies is Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale released in 2001. The movie fan page has roughly around 3.79 lakh fans and still manages to have high engagement levels even ten years post release.

And it is not just movies, but also dialogues and characters from movies which live forever on Facebook.  Here is an interesting page to watch out for “BalwantRai Ke Kutte”. We are sure that many of you would remember this from Sunny Deol’s classic movie “Ghayal”. The fan page has user generated content that would drive you crazy, and it is amazing to notice that someone would create a page on the dialogue from the movie.

One of the most anticipated movies this year Ek Tha Tiger already has a fan page and is growing organically at 2.4% (1 month average) with a fan base 60k+. We’re sure that after reading this article you would be interested in being part of the fan page to know what happens to the fan page in the coming months. Social seems to be among the best ways to market movies in the years to come.


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