MailChimp won one of three Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes 2017 for its campaign ‘Did you mean MailChimp.’  The campaign was inspired by a girl who mispronounced MailChimp as ‘MailKimp’ in the introduction to the podcast serial in 2014.

The campaign reimagined the brand name in creative and playful ways. MailChimp invented new names including MaleCrimp, MailShrimp, KaleLimp, FailChips, VeilHymn, SnailPrimp, JailBlimp, WhaleSynth and NailChamp.

The brand is not concerned about what people call them instead their focus is on building a relationship with the customers which requires them to be themselves. For MailChimp, that meant having fun with its name in as many creative ways as possible.

The integrated multi-platform campaign launched in 2016 creates playful experiences using the new names. Three mood films, MailShrimp, Kalelimp, and JailBlimp, were released across cinemas in the US and its own sites before the campaign went live online.


The short-film features a singing shrimp sandwich in a mail room. The film was also supported by its own site,, and a movie poster.


The short-film features a dog made up of wet kale releases leaves for dinners in a restaurant. The film was supported by the website,, and a movie poster.


The short-film features a birthday girl who smashes her way into a jail blimp piñata. The film is supported by the website,, and a movie poster.

The campaign has also designed dedicated websites for VeilHymn, SnailPrimp, FailChips, NailChamp, and MailChrimp. Our personal favorite has been WhaleSynth a website that allows you to hear whale sounds by diving into the depths of the ocean. The species feature on the site allows the sampling of three different whales.

“We looked for something that you could truly say had Cyber at its core, and that we felt did the job of any mass campaign you could possibly think of. It did it creatively, with charm and wit, and the style of the medium in which it rode.”

Colleen DeCourcy, chief creative officer, Wieden + Kennedy

The success of the campaign can be attributed to the fact that even though it was a mass campaign, it had digital at the core. The campaign was executed by Droga5, PHD, RiffRaff films, The Directors Bureau, Resn, and RSquared.


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