Lessons for start-ups from kai po che from digital uncovered

Ideas are lightning bolts they hit you when don’t expect them too. This past Sunday 25th Feb ’12 bored as usual from weekend routine decided to do something different having seen Kai Po Che a day before thought of making a presentation on lessons from Kai Po Che for start-ups.  It took me roughly 30 minutes to create the presentation and another 10 minutes to upload it on Slide Share.
Having sourced images from the movie decided to share the slide share with @utvfilms twitter handle on @twitter. The slide share seen above is not by any means a masterpiece and doesn’t have good aesthetic value, but the fact that #KaiPoChe was trending on #twitter for past 3 days worked in its favour.
Few hours later the @utvfilms handle retweeted the tweet and said they liked it. Besides @utvfilms I had also shared it @yourstorydotin & @headstarters which both focus on start-ups Shardha Sharma, Founder of http://www.yourstory.inretweeted the tweet.
The slide share has already reached 500 views and over 60% of the views have come from Twitter for a rookie like me this was an interesting experience in understanding the importance of earned media.  


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