Daniel Birnbaum made his debut in SodaStream’s latest recruitment commercial which has over 342K views on YouTube. It is odd to see the CEO of the company acting in an advert, but again Daniel is not the man who makes likely choices.

Daniel’s ability to take risks comes from his experience of helping old companies build presences in new places. Before joining SodaStream, Daniel was instrumental in establishing Nike’s presence in Israel. In 2013, Daniel’s team took the market by surprise when they launched their commercial at Super Bowl. This was a massive step for the relatively small company.

SodaStream as a brand has had a tumultuous history. Originally established as a subsidiary of W & A Gilbey Ltd. The brand changed hands many times before being bought over by its current owner SodaClub in 1998. The brand over the decades had faded into the background until Daniel Birnbaum took over as the CEO of the company.

Today, SodaStream is the largest sparkling water brand in the world way ahead of Perrier & San Pellegrino (owned by Nestlé). SodaStream’s machines enable consumers to make fizzy or flavoured water at a touch of a button.

SodaStream’s Content Strategy over the past few years has upset its competitors. To amplify its message that water bottles are bad for the environment, SodaStream has partnered with influencers from popular shows like Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory.

SodaStream’s Content Strategy

After Daniel took over as CEO of SodaStream, the brand relaunched in many new markets, creating new machines, flavours and distributing them to 41 countries in the world.

SodaStream’s Content Strategy revolves around health-conscious consumers. It also comes from the realization that SodaStream is not for everybody.

“If you’re lazy, selfish and not mindful about how you contribute to the planet, keep on buying those bottles. If you want to be a leader and a change agent, you should embrace SodaStream.”

– Daniel Birnbaum, CEO, SodaStream

Influencer Video Marketing

The brand has relied on influencers to reach its audience and amplify the impact. The brand spends nearly four times more money on advertising and communication than on research and development.

The brand has made a name for itself by rolling out videos using influencers Thor Bjornsson aka ‘The Mountain’ from the popular TV show Game of Thrones. SodaStream has also worked with Maim Biali from the Big Bang Theory and Paris Hilton in the past.

SodaStream teamed up with Game of Thrones Star, Thor Bjornsson aka ‘The Mountain’. The video exhibits SodaStream’s welcoming corporate atmosphere and extols the virtues of its existing employees, in order to attract new ones.

‘Shame or Glory’, shows a man being followed around by a woman with a large bell who repeatedly shouts ‘shame’ at him for buying bottled water – a scene inspired by Game of Thrones.

Museum of Unnatural History showcases plastic bottles to inquisitive school children on a trip, narrating the story of a lost generation that lugged them around to quench their thirst.

“Our viral campaigns and social media content continue to cater to the interests of that audience such as entertaining, health and wellness, fitness, and cocktails is always a big thing. We make sure whatever content we produce is the kind of content that these audiences want to see.”

– Laura Wilson, Marketing Director, SodaStream Australia

Tailored Content for Health-Conscious Consumers

SodaStream’s publishing platform on Tumblr – Stream publishes content crafted for health-conscious consumers in areas of health, environment and DIY tips. The brand partnered with contently to scale its content marketing efforts. In the first three partnership – SodaStream was able to reach out to 97,000 readers with an average finish rate hitting 87%.

The content offered actionable tips to the readers for instance, “How to Quit Soda in 7 Steps,” “Don’t Trash It, Transform It: 8 Stylish Ways to Upcycle Common Items,” and “How to Create Your Own Natural Household Cleaners.”

“It’s really about how many people read our stories and how many of them really finish reading what we would like them to read,”

– Itai Bichler, Head of Global Digital Marketing, SodaStream

Social & Content Syndication

SodaStream’s distribution campaigns have a click-through rate that consistently hovers around 0.4 percent. The brand partnered with Outbrain to drive traffic to its publishing platform via discovery mode from top sites like Time, CNN, Mashable and Slate.

On Social Media, SodaStream publishes content from its blog and promotes snackable content from its influencers including product updates and offers.

This article doesn’t provide an exhaustive view of SodaStream’s Content Strategy but we are certain that you have learned few best practices during the course of reading this article.  If you like this article also read more stories from our Inside series on FlipkartAirbnbGENetflixMoz, and New York Times.

Inside Sodastream's Content Strategy


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