One of the latest optimization changes on the SEO frontier is called Schema Markup. This latest form of optimization methods has been called the most powerful forms of SEO to the day, yet is not nearly as used as it ought to be. Nevertheless, once the concepts and methodologies of Schema Markup have been fully understood they can be used to improve page rank.

This following article will include the things you need to get started on your website as fast as possible.

The first thing to do well is to understand a little more about what schema markup is. Schema markup is a type of semantic vocabulary, or coding, that will be included on your website that will allow the search engines to provide more informative results for those looking for this page. If you have applied rich snippets to your web work, you will have a good idea of what schema markup is and how it is applied.

Schema Markup tells the search engines what your data actually means beyond what it says. As usual, your content will be indexed and displayed in search results, but with schema markup, some of their information is returned in a unique way.

This is because the Schema Markup is telling the search engines what the information means.

Schema Markup applies its semantic vocabulary in a microdata format

Don’t worry though, you will not need to learn any new coding languages as the web pages using markup can function through regular HTML, the big change will be the pieces of vocabulary found sprinkled throughout your HTML. encourages this type of inter-industry collaboration. When completed properly, you are left with an established set of code markers that will provide the search engines with more information on what to do with your site.

Schema markup was invented for users

When a website has been properly set up with the Schema Markup in place, user will get a glance view of the website features right in the SERPs. They will see what the website is all about, what they do, what they have done and more information like how much stuff costs etc. This has caused some people to call this schema markup “a Virtual business card.”

In the end, this allows the search engines to provide more meaningful results and useful information to its users. This is exactly what schema is all about.
Next, we must understand why this is such an important addition. Schema Markup helps increase your website ranking when done properly.

There is data markup for:

–Software Applications
–Local businesses
–Book Reviews
–TV episodes and ratings

Those websites that actually employ Schema will enjoy better positions in the SERPs, than those that don’t. One study showed a difference of 4 full SERPs difference between sites that use Markup and a similar site that does not. While we are not absolutely sure this is due to markup and nothing else, the correlation is still pretty obvious.

At the moment, just over a third of all Google’s search result include websites with rich snippets, including Schema Markup. And according to the statistics held by Searchmetrics, only 0.3 websites are actually using this plan.

What this means is that there exist a huge majority of the online market that is still not using this important advantage. You will have a huge head start on your competition by getting upgraded in this way.

The more you markup, the better

The instructions at are fairly straightforward. “The more content you markup, the better.” Once you get a better idea of all the item types, you will see just how much room for improvement there really is.

Schema Markup for Now and the Future

As simplistic as the implementation of Schema Markup is, it is surprising to see how few businesses and websites have begun using this advantageous method. Schema Markup is an important SEO innovation that is here for the long haul. Implementing this new trend in SEO now will give you a leg up in the future as the rest of the competition begins to apply markup to their websites as well.


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