Guest Blog: Write For Us

We’re looking for guest bloggers who would like to contribute their expertise in the field of digital marketing. Digital Uncovered covers a broad range of topics from social media, content marketing, search marketing, web analytics and more. Guest blog your stories and reach a wide set of audience in over 62 countries.

Guest Blog @ Digital Uncovered

Send us a complete draft with an impressive headline. We only accept original content a bit of repurposing is fine. Do not submit an article that you have already published somewhere else. Also, do not use copy pasted content (we check every article for plagiarism)

We’ll need these specific elements in your story:

  • We look for original & unique content. (Yes, if we like the article we can also help you with repurposing it into an infographic or create supporting visuals for it.)
  • The length of your story should be at least 600 – 2000 words.
  • If you use qualitative or quantitative data from a third party site in the article, mention the source along with the link & date of publication.
  • We will design the cover image for the article however if you wish to share the cover image for the article the dimensions are 400 (height) * 1200 (width) pixels (JPG recommended).
  • For images to be used inside the article keep the maximum width to 600 pixels.
  • Please do not sell or have a sales pitch in the article. We believe in delivering value to our readers.
  • As a policy, we do not publish press release unless it provides value to our users.
  • Yes, we will reserve the right to make edits, change the title and links in your article.
  • We check every article for plagiarism and do not accept submission with a poor quality of writing, regurgitated topics, and dull writing style.
  • Also, include a short bio that includes:
    • Your full name
    • A brief description of your current role & interests
    • We use Gravatar for bios (if you already have a profile we will link it to the article)
    • Links to your website & social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+) as deemed necessary.

How Do I Reach You for the Guest Blog?

Email us at with the subject line “Guest Blog: [working title]” with a complete draft. Our editorial team will connect with you after receiving the article.

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