Video is a priceless marketing tool. Explainer videos tell your customers (or potential customers) everything they need to know about your product or service. They’ll know what need you’re filling and how you fit in with their lifestyles. Giving them these examples and this information through an explainer video is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can possibly have. Create the right video, launch it everywhere, and watch the results roll in.

Create a High-Quality Video with a Clear Call to Action

First things first – your video needs to be worth watching. Oftentimes, the creating a video involves simple animation with some text and a little bit of narration. It doesn’t have to be too difficult to create a high-quality explainer video, but if you don’t have a video designer on staff, it’s easy enough to hire one on Gumtree. Try not to pack too much information into one video, as a lengthy video is unlikely to be watched in its entirety. If you have a lot to say, direct viewers of your video to an external resource.

The end of your video should clearly demonstrate what you want the viewer to do. Are they making a purchase, signing up for an email list, or downloading a free trial? Make sure they know and make it as easy as possible for your viewer to follow through. It’s your job to work for conversions, not the viewer’s job.

Create a Killer Landing Page

Your video should direct viewers to a landing page and also be viewable on that landing page. Make sure that your call to action buttons are easy to find, as well as any links to additional information. Keep your landing page organized, and utilize some AB testing to determine the best way to generate conversions. It helps to run several versions of the landing page and automate that testing – you’ll know early on which page is going to become most profitable for you.

Thoroughly Brand Your Videos

It’s very important for people who view your explainer videos to understand what you do and how you do it. It’s also very important for them to remember who you are. Even if you don’t turn them into a customer right off the bat, you want them to remember you for later. If they’re exposed to you through another medium, such as targeted or retargeted ads, your brand is being reinforced. Every piece of content you create is a branding opportunity, and your explainer video shouldn’t be any different.

Cross Promote Your Content

Release your explainer videos on every social network that you use. Make sure you have enough text in the video to explain what’s going on, because most social media platforms automatically mute videos when they appear in users’ feeds. You want your viewers to be able to retain the same message whether or not they tap or click to unmute the video. Make sure there are clickable links within the video or trackable links in the accompanying texts so you’re able to adequately redirect users and measure the video’s performance.

Every company needs an explainer video, and there’s no better time to create yours than as part of an upcoming marketing campaign. You can create an explainer video for each product or service that you launch and keep the cycle going indefinitely. An informed customer is a happy customer.


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