Most content marketers struggle with creating a well-documented strategy. In a rush to create more content, there’s barely enough time to think about the “why” and “for whom” of content marketing.

While every brand has its unique marketing goals, assets, and values, a lot can be learned by tapping into industry thought leadership to identify trends and best practices.

The team at scatter constantly engages with content marketing stalwarts to drive continuous innovation. In this edition of Content Marketing PowerTalk, they have put together four such conversations for your reading pleasure.

Joe Pullizi – Content Marketing PowerTalk

An entrepreneur, speaker, author, and podcaster, Joe Pullizi is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute. He had won the John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award from the Content Council in 2014. He has authored 5 books, including  Epic Content Marketing which was named one of “Five Must-Read Business Books of 2013” by Fortune Magazine.

He talks about the difference between content marketing, branded content and native advertising and how marketers can approach these strategies to make the most of their campaigns. He shares his views on the vitality of email newsletters, how to make them truly valuable and the 3 steps to getting your newsletters right.

He answers the question on how influencer marketing works and if it’s really the right way forward. He clears the confusion on how different content KPIs are from business KPIs and how a brand can collect leads from content marketing.

He then addresses the constant struggle of creating unique content and how it determines the success of that piece. He talks about the ideal ratio of original to re-purposed content while creating a strategy.

Lastly, he talks about what the Indian content ecosystem can learn from the US industry.

Jeff Bullas – Content Marketing PowerTalk

An entrepreneur, author, marketer, and speaker, Jeff Bullas works with personal brands and businesses to optimise their online presence with emerging technologies, content, social media and digital marketing activities. His blog ( receives over 5 million visitors a year. In 2013, he was recognized by Forbes in the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer category.

He talks about the basic digital marketing ingredients and how their implementation varies for companies and individuals.

He clarifies the age-old confusion about what the priority of a marketer should be: is it content or community? Jeff then shares his take on the various aspects of content marketing and the role and importance of blogging in a content strategy.

He addresses the question on what marketers should and shouldn’t do to make the most out of influencer marketing at the same time not abusing it as a solution.

Content creation and distribution- do these processes dovetail or are they completely different? Jeff explains how this ecosystem functions. He answers our question on whether the content creation process should be left to writers or should a creative team be involved as well.

Bullas explains the fundamentals of creating independent and consumer-centric content. He also talks about how interactive content and white papers or newsletters can coexist. He argues that every content piece or form has a purpose that no other form can replace.

 Guy Kawasaki – Content Marketing PowerTalk

An author, speaker, evangelist and marketer, Guy Kawasaki is a contemporary marketing specialist. He is a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz and an executive fellow of the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley).

Content-led design or design-led content? Guy clarifies this confusion that every content marketer struggles with. He talks about the relevance of the 4Ps of marketing- price, product, promotion, and place. We asked him if he feels that “less is more” in content marketing and received a rather interesting, straight-forward reply.

We also discussed the role of technology in content marketing. We also spoke about whether brands should outsource their content needs and to what extent.

Guy clarified our doubts on whether content marketing is ROI driven, and to what extent does it depend on guesswork and luck. He also talks about the similarities and differences between social media and content marketing strategies.

Lastly, we asked him the to comment on the hottest debate of content marketing- What comes first- content or community?

Mark Schaefer – Content Marketing PowerTalk

A college educator, marketing consultant and author of 5 marketing books, Mark Schaefer is the director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions and has 28 years of global sales and marketing experience. A recent Onalytica report pegs Mark as the #8 content marketing influencer.

We started off by discussing the results content marketers can expect from early stages of implementing a strategy and how it changes after having built a community. He also shares the most effective metrics to measure your brand’s content marketing efforts.

He shares his views on whether brands need to be publishers given today’s marketing dynamics.

He then talks about his new book: “The Content Code” and tells us what we should expect from it. Lastly, he stresses upon the importance of personalization in every content piece created, and at the same time mentions that overdoing it can harm your brand.

Originally published on the Scatter Blog


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