Tuesday, October 23, 2018
GE's Content Strategy

Inside GE’s Content Startegy

General Electric is a 125-year old multinational conglomerate with business spanning across aviation, digital, healthcare and more industries. So how does a company with...
Narrative Journalism

How Are Brands Using Narrative Journalism?

At the age of four with his parents getting divorced perhaps Truman Capote was too young to realize the beginning of a troubled childhood....
Content Marketing Change

How Will Content Marketing Change in 2018?

In his latest book 'Killing Marketing' Co-Author, Joe Pulizzi questions the very foundation of the marketing function. The book as he mentions is not...
Live Video

5 Ways to Leverage Live Video for Content Marketing

Facebook last year signed contracts with nearly 140 media companies to create videos for its live streaming service. The brand agreed to pay nearly...

Interview with Rajan Srinivasan, Founder, Scatter

As marketers are embracing content marketing, there is one company that is quietly making its presence felt in Indian landscape and beyond. Scatter is...
Content Style Guide

Why You Really Need (A) Content Style Guide

Style guides always look intimidating if you choose to read straight through. Guides are always designed to be a source of reference. A content...
Rahul Vengalil

Interview with Rahul Vengalil, Founder, WhatClicks

As marketers, do we really know whether our marketing campaigns are generating the kind of returns we anticipated? In early 1800's American Merchant, John...

Why Story Matters, Moving Beyond Politics?

Mark, Sully and Man went for a walk one fine evening during February 2018. After a while, they arrived at a river. Mark, jumped...
Branded Content Series

3 Best Branded Content Series & Results

Matt and Ross Duffer (twin brothers) started making films in 3rd grade after borrowing a high-end video camera from their parents. They began by...
Fearless Girl

Wall Street Meets Fearless Girl

McCann's Fearless Girl won 18 awards this year including four Grand Prix at Cannes Festival.  The campaign for State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), a...

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