Friday, December 14, 2018
Schema Markup

The Importance of Schema Markup in SEO

One of the latest optimization changes on the SEO frontier is called Schema Markup. This latest form of optimization methods has been called the...
International SEO Fundamentals

International SEO Fundamentals for Beginners

Not getting SEO right is like driving your car and skipping crucial details in the navigation map for reaching the destination. Now International SEO is...
SEO Platforms

7 Factors Influencing SEO Platforms

Search Engine Optimization offers numerous capabilities, that range from doing the keyword research and checking rank to acquisition and backlink analysis. As well as...

Why do you need AdWords Managers Account?

Keeping track of multiple campaigns on Google AdWords is trying. Brands leave this task to a digital agency which then has to manage the...
SEO Competitive Intelligence Tools

How to Use SEO Competitive Intelligence Tools

As marketers, we have an unlimited number of choices when it comes choosing tools to get our work done. For instance, if you search...

Everything You Need to Know About Sitemaps

If you're a digital marketer chances are that you already know about sitemaps but if have a build a website it's important you create...
Marketing Metrics

7 Marketing Metrics That Every Marketer Should Know

As marketers, we all have goals which could be ranging from building awareness, driving revenues, optimizing performance and improving customer satisfaction.  Therefore, it's important...
Event Tracking

5 Best Practices for Event Tracking on Google Analytics

Tracking is like rowing a boat although you control the oars without a destination you are lost. Event tracking on Google Analytics is your...
Landing Page Performance Optimization

Landing Page Performance Optimization: Developers Perspective

8 Essentials Tips for Landing Page Performance Optimization to make sure that your site delivers faster and more seamless user experience. #1 Async Tag Banners displayed...
Element Visibility Trigger

5 Best Practices for Element Visibility Trigger

Element Visibility Trigger allows you to track banner impressions, pop-ups and form submissions that display the message on the same page upon submission. Element...

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