Neural Networks

The Future of Marketing & Neural Networks

You don't plan your Sunday evenings reading about Neural Networks, but this one was different. I stumbled upon this story which connected a cucumber...
Alexa Skills Amazon Echo

What marketers need to know about Alexa Skills & Amazon Lex?

Fast Company voted Amazon as the most innovative company for 2017. The company made significant strides in the area of cloud computing & artificial...
Marketing Automation

Extensions That Empower Marketing Automation

It goes without saying that any successful business must be flexible enough to cater to changing consumer needs and wants. In a customer-driven market,...

How WebGL is Redefining Web Experience?

Let's start by observing a minute of silence for every brand that's still using a PDF. Before you jump to any conclusions, let us...
Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

Guide to Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

Marketers love digital for its ability to measure every activity they do. Tracking essentially requires you to add a script or a pixel conversion...
Waterfall Charts

Understanding Waterfall Charts & Site Load Timings

There has never been a better time to set-up a website than right now. India is on the cusp of reaching 500 million internet...
Virtual Reality

5 Mind Blowing Virtual Reality Marketing Campaigns

Virtual Reality has become the catchphrase for 2017. Last year two of the five top automobile brands in India used virtual reality to market...
Push Notifications

5 Best Practices for Push Notifications

An average mobile user receives over 20 - 50 or 50 -100 notifications per day . Push notifications could originate from messengers (WhatsApp, SMS), e-mail...
Content Management System

3 Tools to Identify Content Management System

Building a scalable website today seems unlikely without using a Content Management System. The tricky part, however, is figuring out which Content Management System...

Guide to Facebook Instant Articles

Publishers have realized that it makes sense to take content to where the users are. Buzzfeed was among the first one to realize the...

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