Thursday, January 24, 2019
Predictive Lead Scoring

How Predictive Lead Scoring Works in ABM?

Imagine if you could "predict" your next customer without qualifying rules and prioritizing leads? Predictive analytics is redefining sales and marketing by creating models...
Account Based Marketing

5 Best Practices for Account-Based Marketing

For years traditional marketing relied on tactical campaigns to attract, nurture and convert customers. Traditional marketing usually fails when it comes to acquiring specific...

5 Simple Steps for Growing a Sturdy Email Campaign

According to the recent study, 77 % of consumers prefer to receive permission-based emails than any other form of marketing communication. Sending an email...
Network Effect

Network Effect: How To Make Your Content More Valuable?

Imagine as a business you are shown two doors. Behind door one, you have unlimited growth powered by value delivered to users and behind...
Programmatic Advertising India

Programmatic Advertising: India Story

If you search for 'how does programmatic advertising work?' on google, you will encounter three hundred thousand search results, all trying to answer the...
MarTech Stack

How to Design a MarTech Stack?

A 360-degree view of a customers journey is an aspiration for most businesses. Often data available in different analysis systems present different values, leading...

How Can Marketers Put Sensors to Work

Swirl a leading software platform recently released a report which mentioned that more than 13 million proximity sensors have now been deployed globally. Sensors...
Machine Learning

How Machine Learning Will Impact Marketing?

Google announced that it is officially killing last-click attribution at Marketing Next 2017, the companies annual event to promote ad products, analytics, and Double...
Visual Listening

How Visual Listening Works?

People across the virtual world are increasingly using visuals to share their emotion. However, brands continue to measure & listen to conversations that are shared...
Wordpress Plugins

10 Free Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Developers

Everyone who works with WordPress code should have a set of good functional WordPress plugins for developers. Of course, it is a matter of...

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