Friday, December 14, 2018

How Unified Payment Interface Works?

Google & Boston Consulting Group in the past week released a comprehensive study on Digital Payments in India. The study says that India would...
Dollar Shave Club

How Dollar Shave Club got acquired by Unilever?

Sometime back in 2011, Mark Levine and Michael Dubin, met at a party and shared their frustration with the high costs of retail razors. The...
Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

Guide to Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

Marketers love digital for its ability to measure every activity they do. Tracking essentially requires you to add a script or a pixel conversion...
Wordpress Plugins

10 Free Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Developers

Everyone who works with WordPress code should have a set of good functional WordPress plugins for developers. Of course, it is a matter of...
Programmatic Advertising India

Programmatic Advertising: India Story

If you search for 'how does programmatic advertising work?' on google, you will encounter three hundred thousand search results, all trying to answer the...
Data Science

Data Science for Marketers

Imagine yourself as a young planning director at a media agency. A client enters your agency, complaining about the...

Lessons from Indian Brands with 100 million Users

Flipkart crossed the 100 million user base past week. This makes it the 3rd start-up after PayTM and Hike to achieve these feet. So...
Marketing Automation India

Marketing Automation India Story

The Marketing Automation India story is still in its early stages. Most estimates globally still suggest that there is less than 10% adoption of...
Computer Vision

How Computer Vision Will Change Marketing

You throw a ball across the room and expect a toddler to catch it. Sounds simple, right? But long before the toddler decides to...

5 Simple Steps for Growing a Sturdy Email Campaign

According to the recent study, 77 % of consumers prefer to receive permission-based emails than any other form of marketing communication. Sending an email...

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