Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Attribution Model

How to Use An Attribution Model

Companies are demanding more accountability for every dollar. Seventy percent of marketers indicated that attribution is highly valuable in a recent survey conducted by...
Machine Learning

How Machine Learning Will Impact Marketing?

Google announced that it is officially killing last-click attribution at Marketing Next 2017, the companies annual event to promote ad products, analytics, and Double...

How Unified Payment Interface Works?

Google & Boston Consulting Group in the past week released a comprehensive study on Digital Payments in India. The study says that India would...
Virtual Reality

5 Mind Blowing Virtual Reality Marketing Campaigns

Virtual Reality has become the catchphrase for 2017. Last year two of the five top automobile brands in India used virtual reality to market...
Marketing Automation India

Marketing Automation India Story

The Marketing Automation India story is still in its early stages. Most estimates globally still suggest that there is less than 10% adoption of...

Lessons from Alan Turing’s secret letter to Winston Churchill

On the 21st of October, 1941, Alan Turing and three of his station ex-colleagues wrote a secret letter to Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  Alan...
Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV: Moving Beyond Counting the Eyeballs

Somewhere in the mid 80's at an award ceremony, a young man was eagerly waiting for the announcer to be called onto the stage....
conversion rate

Guide to Calculate Website Conversion Rate

If you have been catching up the wave of Digital Marketing Ocean, you probably have heard about the power of conversion rates. Though many...

Guide to Facebook Instant Articles

Publishers have realized that it makes sense to take content to where the users are. Buzzfeed was among the first one to realize the...
Evolution of Virtual Assistants

Evolution of Virtual Assistants: BonziBuddy to VIV

Back in earlier 2000s, we were lucky enough to have an internet connection at home. Internet connection pack from VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited) came...

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