Predictive Lead Scoring

How Predictive Lead Scoring Works in ABM?

Imagine if you could "predict" your next customer without qualifying rules and prioritizing leads? Predictive analytics is redefining sales and marketing by creating models...
Alexa Skills Amazon Echo

What marketers need to know about Alexa Skills & Amazon Lex?

Fast Company voted Amazon as the most innovative company for 2017. The company made significant strides in the area of cloud computing & artificial...
Marketing Automation

Extensions That Empower Marketing Automation

It goes without saying that any successful business must be flexible enough to cater to changing consumer needs and wants. In a customer-driven market,...

How WebGL is Redefining Web Experience?

Let's start by observing a minute of silence for every brand that's still using a PDF. Before you jump to any conclusions, let us...
Power BI for Digital Marketing

Guide to Power BI for Digital Marketing

When was the last time you mailed a report to a c-suite executive only to find later that the report was never opened? As...
Network Effect

Network Effect: How To Make Your Content More Valuable?

Imagine as a business you are shown two doors. Behind door one, you have unlimited growth powered by value delivered to users and behind...
Account Based Marketing

5 Best Practices for Account-Based Marketing

For years traditional marketing relied on tactical campaigns to attract, nurture and convert customers. Traditional marketing usually fails when it comes to acquiring specific...
How Influence Works

How Influence Works?

SnapChat lost $1.3 billion earlier this year in market value after Kylie Jenner's tweet criticized the app's new layout for being too confusing to navigate....
Neural Networks

The Future of Marketing & Neural Networks

You don't plan your Sunday evenings reading about Neural Networks, but this one was different. I stumbled upon this story which connected a cucumber...

Guide to Facebook Instant Articles

Publishers have realized that it makes sense to take content to where the users are. Buzzfeed was among the first one to realize the...

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