Machine Learning

How Machine Learning Will Impact Marketing?

Google announced that it is officially killing last-click attribution at Marketing Next 2017, the companies annual event to promote ad products, analytics, and Double...
Waterfall Charts

Understanding Waterfall Charts & Site Load Timings

There has never been a better time to set-up a website than right now. India is on the cusp of reaching 500 million internet...
Virtual Reality

5 Mind Blowing Virtual Reality Marketing Campaigns

Virtual Reality has become the catchphrase for 2017. Last year two of the five top automobile brands in India used virtual reality to market...
Attribution Model

How to Use An Attribution Model

Companies are demanding more accountability for every dollar. Seventy percent of marketers indicated that attribution is highly valuable in a recent survey conducted by...
Data Science

Data Science for Marketers

Imagine yourself as a young planning director at a media agency. A client enters your agency, complaining about the...
Predictive Lead Scoring

How Predictive Lead Scoring Works in ABM?

Imagine if you could "predict" your next customer without qualifying rules and prioritizing leads? Predictive analytics is redefining sales and marketing by creating models...
MarTech Stack

How to Design a MarTech Stack?

A 360-degree view of a customers journey is an aspiration for most businesses. Often data available in different analysis systems present different values, leading...
Tag Management

The Definitive Guide to Tag Management

If someone referred to tag management back in 2009, you would assume they are talking about web analytics. Webmasters started adopting tag management for web...
Content Management System

3 Tools to Identify Content Management System

Building a scalable website today seems unlikely without using a Content Management System. The tricky part, however, is figuring out which Content Management System...
Drip Marketing Campaign

The Definitive Guide to Drip Marketing Campaign

Drip marketing campaign is one of the most effective tools to connect with prospects and customers. The ability to target and deliver personalized messages at...

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