Push Notifications

5 Best Practices for Push Notifications

An average mobile user receives over 20 - 50 or 50 -100 notifications per day . Push notifications could originate from messengers (WhatsApp, SMS), e-mail...
Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

Guide to Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

Marketers love digital for its ability to measure every activity they do. Tracking essentially requires you to add a script or a pixel conversion...
Neural Networks

The Future of Marketing & Neural Networks

You don't plan your Sunday evenings reading about Neural Networks, but this one was different. I stumbled upon this story which connected a cucumber...
MarTech Stack

How to Design a MarTech Stack?

A 360-degree view of a customers journey is an aspiration for most businesses. Often data available in different analysis systems present different values, leading...
Evolution of Virtual Assistants

Evolution of Virtual Assistants: BonziBuddy to VIV

Back in earlier 2000s, we were lucky enough to have an internet connection at home. Internet connection pack from VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited) came...
Virtual Reality

5 Mind Blowing Virtual Reality Marketing Campaigns

Virtual Reality has become the catchphrase for 2017. Last year two of the five top automobile brands in India used virtual reality to market...
How Influence Works

How Influence Works?

SnapChat lost $1.3 billion earlier this year in market value after Kylie Jenner's tweet criticized the app's new layout for being too confusing to navigate....
Dollar Shave Club

How Dollar Shave Club got acquired by Unilever?

Sometime back in 2011, Mark Levine and Michael Dubin, met at a party and shared their frustration with the high costs of retail razors. The...
Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV: Moving Beyond Counting the Eyeballs

Somewhere in the mid 80's at an award ceremony, a young man was eagerly waiting for the announcer to be called onto the stage....
Marketing Automation India

Marketing Automation India Story

The Marketing Automation India story is still in its early stages. Most estimates globally still suggest that there is less than 10% adoption of...

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