Drip Marketing Campaign

The Definitive Guide to Drip Marketing Campaign

Drip marketing campaign is one of the most effective tools to connect with prospects and customers. The ability to target and deliver personalized messages at...
Email Marketing India

Email Marketing India Story

Email Mila Kya? A line that is often heard on the office floors and local Xerox centres. Email continues to be our preferred means...
Marketing Automation India

Marketing Automation India Story

The Marketing Automation India story is still in its early stages. Most estimates globally still suggest that there is less than 10% adoption of...
Computer Vision

How Computer Vision Will Change Marketing

You throw a ball across the room and expect a toddler to catch it. Sounds simple, right? But long before the toddler decides to...
Deep Learning

How to Get Started with Deep Learning for Marketing

For past few weeks, I have been trying to teach body parts to my toddler. I started out by pointing to my 'nose' followed...
Voice Search

Inside the Possible Future of Voice Search

Every trend study that I have read in 2018 mentions Voice Search as a critical trend to watch out for. When Google CEO Sundar...
Tag Management

The Definitive Guide to Tag Management

If someone referred to tag management back in 2009, you would assume they are talking about web analytics. Webmasters started adopting tag management for web...
Attribution Model

How to Use An Attribution Model

Companies are demanding more accountability for every dollar. Seventy percent of marketers indicated that attribution is highly valuable in a recent survey conducted by...
Predictive Lead Scoring

How Predictive Lead Scoring Works in ABM?

Imagine if you could "predict" your next customer without qualifying rules and prioritizing leads? Predictive analytics is redefining sales and marketing by creating models...
Network Effect

Network Effect: How To Make Your Content More Valuable?

Imagine as a business you are shown two doors. Behind door one, you have unlimited growth powered by value delivered to users and behind...

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