Monday, June 18, 2018
Video Marketing Plan

Building Your First Video Marketing Plan

The use of videos has made a kind of a revolution in digital marketing over the last few years. Virtually all the important numbers...
LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

5 LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

When it comes to B2B marketing LinkedIn continues to be marketers top pick. The platform crossed 500 million users earlier this year and continues...
Content Engagement

The Unsolved Mystery of Content Engagement

No reliable metric captures content engagement. Most publishers rely on 'time on site' or 'page views' to measure performance. The problem with relying on...

6 Ways Brands Can Use Empathy in Content Marketing

Content resonates with your audience when it comes from a place of empathy. That is when your audience knows you are speaking to them...
Data Storytelling

5 Best Practices for Data Storytelling

In a recent study on Data Journalism, Google partnered with PolicyViz to understand how journalists are using data to tell stories. The study covering...
Engage with Influencers

Owning Content Strategy : How to Engage with Influencers

Why you must engage with influencers Ways to improve content strategy by engaging with key influencers frames an important part of any industry. The end...
Branded Illustrations

How to Use Branded Illustrations for Content Marketing?

Good stories need great visuals to get noticed, and these days, they're in no short supply. Brands are moving away from using stock images...
Writing Responsive Web Content

Guide to Writing Responsive Web Content

15 seconds that's it! That's all you get to prove that your content holds value for your audience. It's fair because every web page...
SaaS Content Marketing KPIs

How to Define SaaS Content Marketing KPIs

The Indian SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) eco-system is witnessing an increase in activity in terms of new startups emerging and establishing themselves. More than $1.484 billion...

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