Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Install WordPress Theme

How To Install WordPress Theme Manually?

Finding a theme that meets your needs: Choosing a theme for your blog has to be the most difficult decision. WordPress theme directory has several...
Custom Font Design

Guide to Custom Font Design for Brands

What's common between Airbnb, Coca-Cola, IBM, Apple and Netflix? Yes, all of them use a custom font typeface. Custom font design carries the brand's...

Basic Principals Of Layout And Composition

"Design is the balance between form and function it takes two."- Seesaw Aesthetics design is very essential component of any creative work whether it is...
User Experience Design

Principles of Modern User Experience Design

For a moment, step into the shoes of your customers and consider this: which brand’s website will you shop from? A website which is...
Mobile Form Design

Best Practices for Mobile Form Design

Designing form for a mobile experience differs with the operating system, the device used and also tweaks that developers need to make for different...

3 Great Examples of Brands That Acted Like Humans

As they say 'People don't buy what we do. They buy why we do what we do.' Brands are not faceless corporations today they act...
Best Website Redesigns 2015

Best Website Redesigns Of 2015

Redesigning means a lot more than giving your website or mobile app a new look. Its means delivering what your visitors have been asking...

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