Monday, June 18, 2018
Ripple Effect

Planning for the Ripple Effect Video Strategy

Marketers still seemed to be intrigued with the idea of creating a viral. If you are into marketing chances are that you have already...

5 Ingredients Behind Tasty’s Video Marketing

The Internet has an unappeasable appetite for food content. Buzzfeed has built Tasty into a global brand in flat 18 months. Tasty's video marketing...
10x Content

Hector & the Search for 10x Content

Ever since Rand Fishkin coined the term 10x content, it has caught the attention of marketers worldwide. 10x content delivers ten times more value...

Fidget Spinner: From a Trend to a Fad

Henrik Vejlgaard, author of best-seller 'Anatomy of a Trend' defines a trend as a social process in which style or taste changes. For a...
Cringe Pop

What Makes Cringe Pop Viral?

2017 is perhaps the year when videos have gone viral for all the wrong reasons. You start watching the video out of curiosity and...
Sales Funnel

10 Ways to Increase Your Sales Funnel Conversion Rate

What moves customers to click through e-commerce pages and add items to their cart? What makes them abandon a page and look elsewhere? What...
Repurpose Old Content

5 Smart Ways To Repurpose Old Content

Content marketing is a hugely important factor in running a successful online business in today’s digital age. It’s no secret that consistently producing great...
Social Media Content

7 Time Saving Tips When Producing Social Media Content

The most time-consuming job for Bloggers and Internet-driven small business owners, is creating appropriate content for sharing on multiple social media streams.  Churning out...

Learnings From Master Class At BNLF – Mumbai

Master Classes are usually boring, and you end up with the feeling that 'oh, did I learn something new' but with names like Jeff...
News Cycle

News Cycle: Lessons for Content Marketers

It was a usual Monday morning in the United States on May 2, 2011. An unplanned presidential address was scheduled at 11.30 PM EST....

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