Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Video Marketing India

State of Video Marketing in India: Infographic

Video has to be the best-kept secret in India with over 232 million active internet users we have a huge appetite for video consumption. Last...

5 Lessons from 7 Years of Blogging

It's difficult to remember the exact date & time when I started blogging, but it was sometime in January 2011. I was feeling directionless...
Lead Magnet

How to Create a Lead Magnet That Your Clients Will Love

Lead magnets are the backbones of many SUCCESSFUL email marketing campaigns. Essentially, they’re an incentive, or “opt-in bribe” that you offer to potential clients in...
Explainer Videos

How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Marketing Campaign

Video is a priceless marketing tool. Explainer videos tell your customers (or potential customers) everything they need to know about your product or service....
Digital Marketing Trends

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends

2015 has been a great year for digital marketers and for early adopters in technology space it has been one with lots of experiments....

7 Things That Every Content Marketer Should Know

Content marketing is relatively new and chances are that half the time people don't get what is it that you do for a living....
10x Content

Hector & the Search for 10x Content

Ever since Rand Fishkin coined the term 10x content, it has caught the attention of marketers worldwide. 10x content delivers ten times more value...
Repurpose Old Content

5 Smart Ways To Repurpose Old Content

Content marketing is a hugely important factor in running a successful online business in today’s digital age. It’s no secret that consistently producing great...
Ripple Effect

Planning for the Ripple Effect Video Strategy

Marketers still seemed to be intrigued with the idea of creating a viral. If you are into marketing chances are that you have already...
self hosted wordpress

6 Steps to Migrate to Self Hosted WordPress?

Most bloggers tend to delay the decision of moving from blogger to self hosted WordPress due to several reasons. Here are top three reasons...

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