Friday, December 14, 2018

How MailChimp Won Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes 2017

MailChimp won one of three Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes 2017 for its campaign 'Did you mean MailChimp.'  The campaign was inspired by a...
ROI Driven Marketing

What ROI Driven Marketing Means to Marketers?

Every marketing discussion doesn't end without mention of 'How will this bring in ROI?' It's like the awful tasting dessert placed on your table...

Behind the Scenes: Brand Renault Kwid

Renault has seen its share of highs and lows in India.  From the Logan launch in 2007 to setting up its plant in Chennai...

Location Based Advertising: India Story

Location is the single most vital piece of information about your identity as people build personas and even stereotype personalities based on where you...

Facts & Brands at Rio Olympics (Infographic)

Olympics is the biggest sporting spectacle on the planet. Every four years around 3.6 billion (London 2012 figures) people tune into watching the event....
Brand Relevance

Disrupt to Build Brand Relevance

Over 88% of the brands part of fortune 500 firms in 1955 had disappeared by 2014. American Enterprise Institute believes that its safe to...

Copywriters: Dying Breed of Professionals

Many see copywriting as a dying art and we the client are to some degree responsible for it. Ask an agency professional, and you...

Printing Then & Now

One of the greatest inventions that humanity has seen is Guttenberg’s printing press. The press revolutionized the way we disseminate information, the way we...

Kerala Election Campaign: How the Parties fared?

It's election time in Kerala and if you're a campaign strategist in the city chances are that you are already in demand. Kerala is...

How To Pitch Creative Work?

Nobody likes a pitch ask someone from an agency and the answer you would get is that it costs money, they redirect your concentration...

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