India has over 200 million users but most still rely on under 500 MB 2G connection that gets over before the month ends. To save few bucks on the voice plan they even get rid of discretionary food items which a while back was impulse buying. Building awesomeness for 2G speeds is not an aspiration but a necessity in a country like India which will at least take a decade to move to 3G and beyond.

“Speed defines everything”

Speed defines our experience whether its Silk Road Junction, Bangalore or Carter Road, Bandra. Speed shapes our experience and helps us differentiate between good & evil. Compare Google to IRCTC and you don’t need an explanation to understand the difference.

Think of any app that has crossed 100 million users in India. Whether it is Flipkart, PayTM, Hike, UC Browser or Google they get the fact that you can’t make it to the top without ignoring the 2G user.

While I can go on explaining why speeds matters which I have already done before on the blog here. What has really changed is tech companies from around the world pitching to solve the biggest problem of speed in developing countries. AMP project has already helped tons of site to provide a smoother experience to the user. The average load time using AMP has reduced to 0.7 seconds compared to rest of web to 22 seconds.  Besides AMP both Apple with its Apple News Format & Facebook with Instant Article is trying to solve the same problem.

Web performance optimisation measures also help to ensure that you provide the best experience to the user. To truly build awesomeness you need to make sure that your brand not only optimizes for 2G networks but innovates which UC Browser has done with Speed Mode, Hike has done with Hike Direct & Flipkart has done with its Progressive Web App.


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